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American Ninja Warrior// Some of the courses in the US version are insane, they seem much tougher than the UK ones, not that I could complete in those either! I've been watching clips on YouTube, especially of Jessie Graff, she is amazing. Take a look here:Jessie Graff - American Ninja Warrior

Me Before You// I watched this for the first time since I saw it at the cinema and I cried even more than I did then. I think i'm finally ready to move onto the next book 'After You'. Although i've heard mixed opinions on it but i'll try to put them aside.

Benidorm// I do enjoy this. People are always going on that it's not as good as it used to be and yeah certain characters have left. but you can't keep comparing, you need to take it for what it is now and it still makes me laugh so that's all that counts for me.

American Pie The Wedding// American Pie are classic films, who doesn't love them?!

What to Expect When You're Expecting// I don't usually go for films with multiple characters and interwoven stories but this is brilliant, I've watched it numerous times. I especially love the Dad's club in the park, their mantra is what happens there stays there! It's got a whole host of famous faces, if you've not seen this one, do give it a go, it's on Netflix at the moment too.


Perfect Timing// This is the first Jill Mansell book i've actually read and i'm definitely keen to get hold of some more. After an encounter with a stranger on her hen night, Poppy calls off her wedding the next morning. She heads to London for a fresh start where she somehow manages to turn her life completely around, all the whilst looking for this man. The book was published in 1997 and before the likes of smartphones and Facebook and I couldn't help chuckling how some of the situations would have been a lot less troublesome these days because of this technology!

I haven't decided on my next book, i've got a few to choose from. I've got:

After You by Jo Jo Moyes
The One we Fell in Love with by Paige Toon
Amanda's Wedding by Jenny Colgan
Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley

Have you read any of these?

Excited for:

The big 3-0// This year my friends and I all turn 30 and it kicks of in the next couple of weeks. I've got a 30th party next weekend for one friend and then the weekend after an adventure day for another. I'm stuck on prezzies though, can anyone suggest anything for a big occasion like this?

F1// It's here, it's an F1 racing weekend! The winter season is over and we are back in Melbourne for the season opener. I can't wait to see the pink panther colour scheme of the Force India on the track. There I was thinking the Mclaren and the Torro Rosso were the most exciting liveries this year! My prediction for the podium is Hamilton, Bottas, then a Ferrari. What do you think?

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