The extent of my Halloween

I don't really do Halloween. We're not a Halloween household. I never went trick or treating as a kid and the furthest i've got to dressing up was at a Katy Perry concert three years ago on this night and I attempted to go as a pumpkin. It's just never been a big thing. I always thought it was more of an American thing, but it seems the world and his wife are excited for the occasion nowadays and have extensive plans. My love of vampires would actually be something i'd like to dress up as, should I wish to make the effort, Maybe next year I may succumb. For now though, I am content with doing nothing tomorrow (well i'm actually working tomorrow night anyway but still) and being oblivious to the occasion.

I tell a tiny lie.

I did decorate some cakes earlier on in the month, that although childish, I was very happy with!

I'll leave you with this snap of my sister and I from a couple of years ago. I'm not actually the one dressed up so you can't accuse me of getting into the spirit, but I may have have a little play with the Halloween effects on picmonkey lol. ;)  My sisters face I haven't altered at all!

Hope anyone going out has a great night. I'd love to see your costume pictures. It's all well and good seeing tutorials but I wanna see the full costume! Anyone avoiding the occasion like me?

Autumn Nails from Barry M

Barry M Gelly autumn/winter nails Paprika Chilli

I used to have a decent nail varnish collection many years ago, until I started moving around all the time and they got a little lost along the way. I'm slowly building up a colour range again and last month these two shades from Barry M's autumn/winter collection caught my eye. I really the loved the Paprika shade, it really stood out as I hadn't seen a shade like that before. The Chilli shade to be honest i'm sure you can find something similar elsewhere as there are a multitude of red/berry/wine shades on the market. But it looked good sat next to Paprika so I bought the two there and then.

Barry M Gelly autumn/winter nails Paprika Chilli

My nail varnish skills are pretty poor so you'll have to ignore the bad application, but this is what they look like on. The left-hand is with one coat and the right with two. I prefer the Paprika shade with just one coat. Chilli looks good either way!

For some reason i've never worn a full set of hands in just one of these shades, as you can see from the picture i've always mixed it up. My favourite way is wearing Paprika on my left and Chilli on my right hand.

This is the full Autumn/Winter collection: 

From Barry M

 I really like the mustard coloured shade and if there is an offer I like in store (I always shop with offers!) i'll get this. This time of year i'm always tempted by the glittery/3D type varishes but they are a PAIN to take off. I did find a really cool one once that had little strands in it and looked exactly like red and green tinsel on a tree!

What do you think of this collection, do you like or have any of these shades?

My last 5 buys

This idea comes from Georgie over at Beans Beauty Blog. There used to be something similar in a magazine years ago, can't think which one though, anyone remember?

I feel it necessary to say these are my last 5 'note-worthy' buys. I'm not going to include the bits I bought in Asda today or the fruit pastilles from Sainsburys yesterday etc I don't think you want to see that! So without further ado:

1. A new driving licence
I lost my purse a long-time ago. I'm not going to say how long in case I get in trouble for not getting a new one sooner. Please don't tell anyone! Along with it being a legal necessity, I've got fed up with taking my passport out whenever I go out (not that often!) or being scared in case I get ID'd at the supermarket.

2. Slippers from TK Maxx
I've got fed up of dirty socks from wearing nothing on my feet so I picked up some Totes Isotoner slippers today. They says they are extra cushioned etc but I can see them going the way of every other slipper I've owned - loose and flat as a pancake!

3. Sexy boots from River Island
A little fact - The last time I bought anything from River Island was in 2003! A small black bag with a silver metal handle than came in a bright green carrier bag that got used until it broke carrying my folders in sixth form. I'm sure you all remember it being cool to carry these bags. What do the kids carry nowadays then, anyone tell me?

Anyway I really love all the ankle boot styles this season and can't decide on a particular pair so I tried this pair on, liked them and bought them. They have a chunky platform sole and are as edgy as I get! I don't think they are very comfortable so i'll probably reserve these for evenings. I still want another pair for day-time, a pull-on nubeck finish boot with a small heel that looks great with dresses and jeans.I'm going to stick with Ebay to find these because i'm fed up on trawling the shops and the internet.

4. The Originals Season 1 DVD
I was so frigging excited when this came out this week. It is the best spin-off show ever, an explosive vampire/witch/werewolf drama with grit! Didn't actually pay for this out of my own money, I used a gift card that I won earlier in the year. Who watches this?

5. New hair colour
I've been red (or faded/grown-out just before an appointment) since I came back from Austria in March, each time trying a slightly different variation. This time I went for a darker cherry red to suit the autumn and winter. I already have my eye on the purple tinted hair one of the hairdressers had there for next time!

Hope you enjoyed this, i'm sure nosey people will have ;) I have been away from here for a bit, various reasons and still not sure when i'll post next but I really wanted to do this post. Hope you're all well! x
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