5 things about my cruise

I've just got back from a weeks cruise around the Canary Islands and Morocco. Here are a few little snippets from our week:

On the cruise I . . 

1. Went in a very bumpy 4x4 jeep in Morocco.

4x4 jeep tour Morocco
4x4 jeep tour Morocco

2. Stuffed myself silly on the first two days and felt ill. I obviously took it a bit slower on the food front for the rest of the week!

3. Watched performances each night by the AMAZING show team. They were so talented, I was very jealous.

4. Slept in a bunk that was incredibly hard to get in and out of. It was a mission and a half, once I was up there I didn't come down!

5. Visited the very beautiful capital city of Madeira, Funchal. Look how pretty the main streets are!

Funchal, Madeira high main street

Funchal, Madeira high main street

Recommended Recent Reads # 3 - Mistletoe Mansion

Mistletoe Mansion Samantha Tonge book review

RRR#1 - About a Girl

I'm going to omit the description for this book as it is too long but click here if you wish to read it.
The gist of the story is this:

Kimmy finds herself  homeless after refusing to settle down with her boyfriend (and why should she, she's only 21!) and lands herself a job housesitting in a mansion next door to celebrity Melissa Winsford (like you do). The story involves cupcakes, ghosts and a fit handyman.

My opinion:
If I read my description i'd have bought this straight away but actually, the official blurb doesn't sound all that appealing to me. It was only the mention of mysterious ooccurrings that intrigued me. That and the 59p price tag.

In all honesty after starting this book I put it down (or whatever you call it when you're reading on a kindle) and didn't read again until a week later. The main character annoyed me. All this celebrity glitz, glamour and designer clothing she hankered for and the scenarios she imagined finding herself in with her celebrity neighbour. Eugh. 

BUT . . .

I did enjoy it once I got into the main story and it's always a good sign when you keep staying up longer for one more chapter . .  and one more chapter . . .

The ghostly happenings leave you wondering and the stuck-up witch (I don't swear but you can swap the W for another letter if you like) ;) living  next door does thaw and shows herself as a normal being in the end. Even Kimmy realises celebritydom is not all that.

A couple of mentions go to:

- Kimmy's a-ma-zing cake flavour combinations, Pina Colada surprises with Malibu flavoured buttercream and popping candy anyone?!

- Terry, a camp older golfing neighbour with eccentric outfits.

- Jess, Kimmy's best friend who has her head firmly out of the clouds and very much reminds me of her namesake in the Shopaholic books as Becky's sister.

- Lastly Luke, the token fit and mysterious male essential in any chick-lit, who provided this highlight-worthy quote:

'As long as you don't let your happiness become dependent on how much is in your bank account. Nothing wrong with aspirations as long as you're prepared to work hard for them and don't expect anyone else to hand them to you on a plate - that's what I reckon. Self-respect, a sense of achievement, everyone should aim for that.'

The price of this book is too good to turn down and despite my initial reservations, is a good Christmas or holiday (you don't need to wait until Christmas!) read to occupy yourself for a few days.

Anyone going to give this a go?
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