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About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk (I heart series) book review

My favourite kind of books, apart from being of the chick-lit genre, are ones that are part of a series. I am incredibly lazy and it is very easy to get straight into these type of books, having previously got to know the characters. I tend to be a little slow on the uptake if an author has released a stand-alone book which is why it has taken me so long to read About a Girl – by Lindsey Kelk. Lindsey is the author of the popular I Heart . . series which I strongly recommend. They start off with a very impromptu flit to New York and is the story of her new life that builds there . . none of us want to go to NY do we girls? ;)

I finished About a Girl  last week, loved it and am eagerly awaiting the sequel being released next month. Tess has been giving everything to her job since university and so when she is made redundant she is understandably at a loss, job and life wise. When she picks up her horrible housemate Vanessa’s phone she ends up picking Vanessa’s job of a photography shoot in Hawaii. Pretending to be Vanessa comes with a few personality changes, a lovely (debatable at times!) leading man and breathtaking scenery.

I will leave the description there but needless to say secrets have to come out in the end. Although Tess was pretending to be Vanessa, her personality wasn't completely false in Hawaii and I kept finding it hard to connect this Tess with the Tess at the beginning of the book. However I have to remember that I myself am different when I am at home than when I am at work. I loved how when you just say yes you can have amazing experiences. It is something I need to do myself more. The book finished where I think I can guess what will happen but I have to wait until next month to find out in What a Girl Wants.

About a Girl can be purchased from all your regular shops and stores. If you want to have a read about the books visit

I got into the spirit of the book by reading it on the beach in Wales on holiday. Wales isn't quite the same as Hawaii though . . .

Has anyone read any of these books? What good books have you read recently?

Carboot sale haul

Visiting carboots have been my favourite past-time lately and having been working night-shifts I have been able to go straight to my local on Sunday morning after work meaning I have been there nice and early. Lately I’ve been working day shifts so if I get to go it isn’t until later on. I still managed to pick up some nice items this week though.

Bargain purchases from a car boot sale including books, dvds and cosmetics.

1. This book is by Reader’s Digest and contains 1, 700 tips and uses for everything things. I love books like these, though I usually forget to use the tips!

2. Style me Vintage explains the looks and influences for each decade and how to create the hair and make-up. I picked these two books for £1.80 for both of them.

3. Spider-man 3 DVD – 50p.

4. Models Own nail varnish in Indian Ocean, sealed. This is a blue-pink shimmery varnish and looks lovely on, I was worried it would look a little childish but it doesn’t. 30p.

5. Two bangles, I love opal-type effects and peacock prints so these were a must for me. 10p each.

6. Smashbox shadow converter. The idea is you use this to convert any shadow into an eyeliner. Sure I can use water but I don’t always have it to hand. I have not seen this before but I would presume this is a sample size, looks like it has been used once. 30p.

A few pictures below from the Style me Vintage book. Ignore the ornament, I used it to keep the book open whilst I took the photo. Can you guess which era's they are?

Style Me Vintage book bought at local car boot sale

Style Me Vintage book bought at local car boot sale

Style Me Vintage book bought at local car boot sale

Style Me Vintage book bought at local car boot sale


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