5 gadgets I want for the kitchen to help me eat better

Cooking for one can sometimes be a tiresome process and I often find myself being lazy and sticking to the same foods that are quick and easy to prepare. I need to change this up a little. I also make no secret of my aim for a healthier lifestyle, although in recent months i've found it difficult to maintain all elements of one. But some new kitchen equipment will help me kick start eating better again, mix up my meals and help introduce new foods into my diet. These 5 gadgets i've long wanted, although if I got them all, i'm not exactly sure where they'd all sit on my worktop!
5 kitchen gadgets to help eat better
Juicer - The fruit I normally eat are bananas and occasionally apples. It's not that I don't like apples but I just never seem to touch them and they can be sat in my fruit bowl for 2 months and I still won't have finished the packet! If I had a juicer by Panasonic however I could literally just throw one in and drink the juice and be done with it. I also don't eat oranges unless it's in a juice form so this would come in useful here too.
Spirializer - Although I don't agree with substituting carbs for vegetables entirely, I know I could definitely do with reducing my intake a little. Therefore if I swapped a little pasta  for some spirialized veg this would do the trick.
Smoothie maker - I'm back on placement soon and will be eating breakfast at 5.30am so I need to think about planning my food for the day. I get ill if I don't eat every couple of hours so i'm going to need a top up before I start work. To prevent me eating the same snacks all day i'm thinking a smoothie I could drink on the bus would work well. I could also pop in all the fruit and veg I wouldn't normally eat whole such as blueberries and raspberries etc to get some different nutrients. If you've any good recipes please let me know!
Mandoline - My knives aren't exactly the sharpest so my chopped veg and potatoes are never exactly uniform once i've hacked through them. I've always admired these when I see them on the JML stands in the shops and it would make everything a lot neater and quicker with a lot less effort. The smaller ones don't take up much room either which is a bonus as i'm going to be running out of room soon!
Panini maker - My parents have one of these and we never actually use panini bread, just your standard sliced bread. We use it in the exact same way as you would a toastie maker except you don't need to butter the bread and it's a heck of a lot easier to clean. I could do with one for my flat as it is really handy for a quick lunch and hardly takes any time to use. My favourite fillings are beans and cheese or cheese and sweetcorn but i'm thinking i'd like to try this Jamie Oliver recipe for a tomato, mozzarella and pesto toastie though i'd pop some basil in there too.
Do you use any of these gadgets, which should I get first?
This was a collaborative post.

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