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I moved into my flat over 18 months ago. It's a one bed flat that came unfurnished and decorated very plainly. When I say unfurnished, it didn't even have a fridge or a washing machine. But I couldn't find much else available in my time-frame and budget and to be honest it's not that bad, it could be a lot worse. Although it is a 45 minute walk into town, with a massive long hill to deal with (I'm talking the type where you have to take several breaks at the bus stops along the way) it's actually pretty quiet. I don't get much noise, apart from the neighbour (and I can't figure if upstairs or downstairs) watching TV in the middle of the night. It's also right next to a little station and the bus stop too. So it could be worse.

My issue is that 18 months on it still looks like i've just moved in. Some of it is down to me. I'm very unorganised, I have no ability to style a room and I have very little storage so all my belongings are just out there making it look very messy. But there are a few little things I can't do myself.

Blinds - I've put put nets in my kitchen, but they are wonky as that is the only way the rail stays in place. I really want some blinds putting up for more privacy because i'm sure at night when the light is shining through that my neighbours can see everything.

Washing machine - I've never bought one because all the appliances fit into the cupboards so they have to be itegrated. Integrated appliances are more expensive and to get them installed, the costs are tripled!

Hang pictures - The walls are painted cream as in most rental places. It would be nice if I could use those velcro type strips that leave no mark, but I can't because my place is head to toe wallpaper. It's very weird, it looks like a plain wall but it's actually got a layer of very thick wallpaper that's painted cream. Very annoying because you can't use the strips on it. I'm scared of hitting a pipe or cable if I put in a few nails plus I won't get any deposit back when I leave.

Carry heavy items - I'll give most things a go but i'm not superwoman. I was in Ikea last year and spotted this ideal drawer unit that would have been perfect but I just could not lift it at all. Even if someone helped me to my car I still would have had to get it into the flat.

Putting items together - I've actually given diy a little go, as I put together a bookcase earlier in the year . . I was very proud! But larger more complex items i'd need help with. I also want a headboard for my bed but i'm sure you need a drill etc to attach it.

So what I really need is a odd jobs man to come and do these tasks for me. I know where you can go to find electricians, or plumbers or a man with a van but someone that can do all these things, i'm not sure.

However this is where Bidvine comes in. Bidvine is a site that connects you with the right people. But it's a lot more specific than that. You answer specific questions about what you are looking for and the nature of the job exactly and submit. Professionals are then able to bid for the work and you can choose who you want. What I really like about this is how specific you can be about the work so there are no surprises when they come round.

So for me, I would be looking to hire a handyman/odd jobs man and Bidvine asks me what type of jobs need doing such as repairs, assembly, installation, maintenance. Then I have to tell them what parts of the property the work is on, where in the property the work is and any other details such as when it needs doing. I like that you can include photo's too, so the professional knows exactly what the job is.

The other great aspect about this site is that as well as the typical electric, plumbing, DIY jobs, you can find professionals for anything you want to do. For example:

Wedding planning - find caterers, DJ's, photographers etc
Health & Fitness - find a PT, someone to teach you to swim, a nutritionist to guide you, or book a massage etc
Hobbies - learn a new skill such as dancing, music or how to paint etc

The list is endless. You can find someone for anything: from a dog walker, a party planner for your child's birthday, someone to create your new website for you or even just someone to fix that leaky tap. The best one I found is hiring a Pokemon Go Trainer!

Do you have any jobs or people you are looking for you think this site could help with?

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