Fitness and Healthy Eating Update

Sat here writing with a glass of fizzy drink and a chocolate bar you'd be mistaken for thinking my fitness and healthy eating journey is non-existant. But that's not true, i'm getting there, slowly.

Last Year

Since being on a mission to complete my 10k steps a day a year ago i've done very well on the whole with that. There was a couple of months end of last year where I gave up but I was going through some unsettlement and wasn't really in the mood to do anything. But on the whole I really enjoy getting my steps in and completing with other fitbitters, it's certainly gets competitive!

Walk fitbit healthy eating fitness
Out on a walk

Body Shop Evening and the new Piñita Colada range

This weekend I attended an evening at the newly re-fitted Body Shop in Huddersfield to trial some of their new products including the Piñita Colada range. I've used Body Shop products for many years, although my current skincare regime is rather lacking so I was looking forward to trying some of the products I was unfamilar with like the Oils for Life and the Vitamin C range.

The Body Shop new Pinita pina Colada bodycare range
The Body Shop skincare consultation

10 Thoughts I had today

Oh my days, i'm about to collapse! (upon completing my first run in four years)

Wow I feel great, bring on the day.

Why don't I have a ski holiday booked so I can warrant buying this beauty?

It's SUCH a nice day, a perfect day even.

I just bought a screwdriver set. Eugh. Old.

Why are there so many types of suncream?

Ow my filling hurts. That's just great.

Oo The Chase is on, wahoo!

I want to get back to the blogging world.

I'm stuck, I don't know what to blog or to tweet or even what blogs to read.

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