Upping the exercise game

Upping exercise running clubbercise fitbit
One of my runs last summer - I can't wait for the days be longer again!
I started placement a couple of weeks ago and i'm slowly getting used to those 6am alarms. I decided that this would be the time (the week, not 6am itself!) to up my exercise game. See, I don't know about you, but I find the time I am busiest is the time I can achieve more.

Since November i'd been running approximately twice a week but I wanted to up the exercise to four times a week. So last week i'd planned:

- a home workout
- a fitness class at the gym
- a run
- parkrun

I only managed the first two though because I injured my knee during the Bodyvive class. I have a funny knee anyway but this class turned out not to be the friendliest for my knee. So the rest of the week and weekend I was resting it. But weirdly I missed running. Who even am I?

This week I had planned:

- a swim to ease my knee back in
- a run
- parkrun

I didn't do any of these, instead switching to other options. I went to a Clubbercise class. I rather enjoyed this one and it was more low-impact than Bodyvive, and so putting less stress on my knee. I also managed a 4k run/walk this morning followed by a low-impact HIIT workout. So a bit different from what I had planned but I had to go with what I felt able to do.

I've still been hitting my 10k steps a day, which is maybe why my knee never quite feels right. I'm finding it hard to rest completely though as i'm rather addicted to my fitbit and feel lazy and restless not doing any form of exercise. I guess this is another healthy habit i'm creating!

This coming week i'll try to do a couple of the HIIT sessions, Clubbercise and hopefully a run.

Check back soon to see how the next week goes and do let me know in the comments what exercise you enjoy.

Establishing healthy habits

My laptop keyboard has weirdly started working again, so let's take advantage of that and write this before it stops again.

Healthy habits lifestyle changes

I've been 'losing weight' for nearly ten years now. I've never been on any actual diet but always gone for the exercise and healthy eating approach. Whilst this works, i've never been disciplined enough to maintain, hence why my weight is up and down like a yo-yo and I do good only to go and wreck it the next month. I'm currently back on the weight loss attempt train but what I realised the other day is that I have finally developed some healthy habits. You know how they say it needs to be a lifestyle change and not just a quick-fix? I've realised that there are a few things I now do no matter what part of the yo-yo i'm on. These are:

1. Porridge
I started eating porridge about 5 years ago but only when I was trying to lose weight. In the last year though it's become my breakfast staple no matter what. It's cheap, nutritious and really does put the hunger at bay better than any other cereal. Once you get the hang of the milk/water to porridge ratio it's also incredibly cheap if you buy the big bags compared to other cereal.

2. Portions
More veg and less carbs. I'm now filling my plate with more and different types of veg and cutting down on the potatoes slightly. I'm always going to be a massive potato fiend, but i'm scaling back a little and having a few less roasts or wedges.

3. Protein
It took me so long to realise this but protein is so important. It helps us feel fuller for longer and helps muscles grow and repair themselves after exercise. This is a really important one for me because I get hungry a lot which leads to horrible migraines. I'm working on lunches at the moment, as it's the one I find hardest to put lots of protein in.

So there are my 3 P's. The three habits that are now changes for life for me, whether i'm binging on Christmas chocolate or back on the weight loss wagon. I hope I can report more healthy habits in the future but I reckon for now that's a good start! I'm really interested to know what habits anyone else has though or ideas for filling lunches to take to work?

The Emmerdale Studio Experience

It's no secret that I am a huge Emmerdale fan. I used to watch all the soaps going but with time more restricted and the realisation that I probably shouldn't spend all my evenings staring at a screen, Emmerdale is now the only one I watch. Therefore I was a very happy bunny when I got the chance to visit the new Emmerdale Studio Experience recently.

Situated in Leeds, the tour is based in the studios they used to film the programme in and is next door to the current studios. It is based in the city centre and really easy to get to by car (with the help of google maps, I wouldn't get anywhere with them!) and about a 15 minute walk from the train station.

After watching a short video about the history of the show we were shown costumes, make-up, props and how the show is produced. I loved seeing the production part as it amazes me how much time and effort has to go into each scene. Don't quote me but it takes something like six weeks to create one week of episodes!

Each scene has a storyboard created. The one above is when Robert sets fire to Andy and Katie's caravan.

Viewers will recognise this as the late Edna Birch's outfit, including the hat she wore everywhere!

Belonging to the make-up department this shows all the cast member they needed to make up on a particular day. The sheet next to it describes each scene and any particular details to their hair and make-up that is important to remember for the next scene.

We were showed many props from over the years but I loved this shelf for the number of memories it holds. We've got the late Shirley Stelfox/Edna Birch with Batley at the Soap Awards, The Valerie Pollard Foundation collection boxes, Dr Bailey and his wife and some lovely photo's of deceased and departed characters that were used in the show.

The tour also showed us various sets which you will definitely recognise! I really enjoyed learning how the lighting works for an indoor studio, there's a lot more too it than you think!

The Woolpack in the quarter size village replica.

Enjoying a drink in the Woolpack!

Lastly we enjoyed a visit to the Woolpack and a photo opportunity you can't really miss. You'll have to excuse the quality of this one, it's a photo of a photo!

Throughout the tour our guide continued to feed us with information and showed us via video's and small scale replicas how various disasters over the years were filmed. I really loved learning the behind-the-scenes details about Emmerdale as i'm such a nosy parker. I think i'll be watching the programme in a lot more detail from now on!

If you want to visit here yourself you can find all the information you need at www.emmerdalestudioexperience.co.uk/ If you go, do let me know what you think!

Anyone else a big Emmerdale fan around here?

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