Fitness and Healthy Eating Update

Sat here writing with a glass of fizzy drink and a chocolate bar you'd be mistaken for thinking my fitness and healthy eating journey is non-existant. But that's not true, i'm getting there, slowly.

Last Year

Since being on a mission to complete my 10k steps a day a year ago i've done very well on the whole with that. There was a couple of months end of last year where I gave up but I was going through some unsettlement and wasn't really in the mood to do anything. But on the whole I really enjoy getting my steps in and completing with other fitbitters, it's certainly gets competitive!

Walk fitbit healthy eating fitness
Out on a walk


Since January I started trying to eat better: cutting down on the snacks, upping the water and cooking food from scratch using healthier versions. That went well but I wasn't losing any weight (probably due to the snack binges). I did feel more awake and energetic though.


In March though I joined the gym and tried a few classes, some of which went better than others:

  • Zumba - YES yes yes everyday, all day long, I love zumba.
  • Spinning - complete fail at the first class, but really enjoyed the next few times
  • Kettlebells - I loved kettlercise a few years ago but this was totally different, it was more like a circuit class and I hated it.

Since they upped the zumba classes to three times a week I ended up doing all three classes for a couple of weeks and was so excited for the next one. This gym though was at my hometown and i've since moved back to Yorkshire so i'm in the process of working out which classes to attend up here.


A couple of weeks ago I also decided to start the C25K (Coach to 5k) programme. This is a structured programme of running/walking that builds you up to be able to run a 5k at the end of the 8 weeks. I've downloaded an app and 3 x a week I really love popping my running shoes on and completing the next run. It consists of sections of running and walking and it is so much better for me than trying to just run flat out. The app tells you when to do each part so you don't even have to think just follow what she says in your ear. 

I've also bought Joe Wicks Lean in 15 and the Hairy Bikers dieters book. I'm not following the plan or anything but there are some lovely recipes in there. I'm still finding it hard to cut down on chocolate, always have cravings in the afternoon and in the evening, even if I am full, if I know I have it in then I want it. Same with crisps. I went to the shops in a bad mood the other day and bought a massive multi-pack. Did a little damage but I locked the rest of them in my car the next day to resist temptation!

Joe Wicks Lean in 15 Chicken and potato hash potatoe
Chicken potato hash
Joe Wicks lean in 15 oaty chicken with tomato and cheese
Oaty chicken with tomato and cheese

Adding in more exercise i've seen a slight change in my size and a few pounds off. I start placement again next week so i'm hoping being busy again and starting up some gym classes will leave me no time to snack and the weight will drop off a bit quicker.

I need to do some prep this weekend for my food next week as I don't want to be reaching for the snacks as soon as I walk in through the door!

The best ever chips - i'm not always good!

On the whole though since January I am eating better and moving more. Although I still snack way too much my meals are so much better. I take lunches in instead of buying, I eat porridge for breakfast instead of sugary cereal and my evening meals are prepared from scratch. It's a slow process but this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix diet thus why I try not to beat myself up for not doing everything perfectly.

What exercise do you enjoy doing? What are your weakness foods?

Body Shop Evening and the new Piñita Colada range

This weekend I attended an evening at the newly re-fitted Body Shop in Huddersfield to trial some of their new products including the Piñita Colada range. I've used Body Shop products for many years, although my current skincare regime is rather lacking so I was looking forward to trying some of the products I was unfamilar with like the Oils for Life and the Vitamin C range.

The Body Shop new Pinita pina Colada bodycare range
The Body Shop skincare consultation

After being split into small groups we were given skincare consultations and introduced to the new products in their make-up range. They seem to be really expanding the range, in particular with the bronzing and illuminating products. The most I do colour wise to my face is a bit of blusher, I just can't get the hang of bronzing and always convinced it looks silly on me! But if you use these it's worth having a peek at the new offerings.

The Body Shop skincare consultation Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion

I really enjoyed trialing the skincare chosen for me, my face looked so radiant and smooth. After cleansing and toning the lady used the new Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion to prep the skin followed by the Vitamin C moisturiser. I've had my eye on that for a while and i'm going to purchase once I run out of my current one. I did buy the essence lotion however as the packaging really sold it to me, I think it looks a little retro! What do you think?

The Body Shop event
The Body Shop new Pinita pina Colada range

After that we had the products from the new Piñita Colada range trialed on us. Piñita Colada means virgin pina colada. Consisting of a scrub, sorbet, shower gel and body butter the sorbet felt ideal as an after sun on your hot summer holiday. With a coconut and pineapple tropical scent I did find it a little subtle for my tastes but that just means it's wearable in any situation. It's really refreshing and the scrub even has shredded coconut in it!

The Body Shop Spa of the world range

An unexpected discovery that evening was the Spa of the World range. I hadn't heard of this one before but the different scents of these products were unbelievable and very luxurious. I found some of them similar smelling to the Neom bath oils.

I purchased the Vitamin E lotion and a couple of the Hemp products for my very dry lips and hands but i'll be back soon for some of the others I tried. Thank you to the Body Shop and the wonderful staff, you all certainly know your stuff!

10 Thoughts I had today

Oh my days, i'm about to collapse! (upon completing my first run in four years)

Wow I feel great, bring on the day.

Why don't I have a ski holiday booked so I can warrant buying this beauty?

It's SUCH a nice day, a perfect day even.

I just bought a screwdriver set. Eugh. Old.

Why are there so many types of suncream?

Ow my filling hurts. That's just great.

Oo The Chase is on, wahoo!

I want to get back to the blogging world.

I'm stuck, I don't know what to blog or to tweet or even what blogs to read.

10 habits

Look at the photo. See? I'm holding my hands up. I know i've got faults and here are a few annoying things I do.

10 ten bad habits and annoying things I do

1. Being a thinker not a do-er.

I have all these fabulous ideas of things to do, routines that will change my life but I never do them. I think, read and absorb all the tips and advice on the internet but never put it into action or if I do it's only half-heartedly. Part of the problem is never writing these things down or if I do it's on a scrappy bit of paper or my notebook that I always forget about.

2. Not making decisions.

Related to the above as I can never put in place what I want to do. Want to get some coloured pens? I stood in Wilko's forever looking at the choice, debating the merits of each, comparing price and what I would use each type for before purchasing a cheapie pack of felt-tips. Same when I want to buy a bar of chocolate. Oh and this one is just stupid. Standing in Poundworld debating which colour tumbler to buy for my bathroom. Imaging each colour in my bathroom and envisaging which would suit better and looking like a twat as I held one against the white shelving to recreate the white of my bathroom. I often walk off without buying anything because I simply cannot make a decision. I'm so frustrated by this, it often prevents me from doing stuff and progressing in life.

3. Leaving clothes in the bag and forgetting about until return date has passed.

Not making decisions means I often buy the items I can't decide between with the intention of deciding in the comfort of my own home and taking back the other. Or when I can't be bothered to try something on. But 99% of the time I get home, throw the bag in the corner and don't look at it again until those precious 28 days have passed and i'm unable to return.

4. Having too many tabs open.

Currently sat with 16 open, that's pretty good going. I reduced it last night from 30. I'm terrible with this, I just love to open tabs to look at later. I could bookmark sites instead you may say, but my bookmarks are in a terrible state and I don't find them that accessible really.

5. Being late.

I'm notorious for it. I can't make myself start the getting ready process until it's 10 minutes past the point where i'd be running late if I started now. Whether it be a catch-up meal with friends, visiting family or going to work I'm never ready ahead of time. Work I always manage to be just about on time. But the rest, when I know there is no real punishment for it, don't expect me to be there at the agreed time.

6. Ordering my lenses at the last second.

I wear two weekly contact lenses and order them online as and when I require them. But take the ones I'm wearing right now for example. They are the only pair I have and i've already been wearing them two weeks but only got round to ordering more yesterday. It normally ends with me ripping one and having to endure the pain or wearing my skanky glasses for a few days until more arrive.

7. Crisps.

My utter downfall. Buy a big bag, i'll scoff them in one sitting. Buy a multi-pack, i'll scoff them in one sitting too. I've worked out now that I can only buy single packets, even if it does work out more expensive!

8. Not cooking.

I spent seasons working as a chalet host cooking breaking, afternoon tea, children's tea and a 4 course adult dinner every day 6 days a week, yet now I find pasta a chore. The most I cook nowadays is some sort of chicken burger, potato and veg. I guess as it's not my job anymore and it's often just myself I cook for there's not much incentive to whip up fresh and different food everyday!

9. Having two sets of time management.

At work i'm super-efficient, wanting to to do everything and working hard. Home however is a little different. Time seems to disappear. It takes me an hour to watch a 30 minute programme. All morning to get out of bed, have brekkie and get ready for the day. Losing an hour when you haven't actually done anything, where does it go?

10. I couldn't think of a ten but i'm not all bad.

At work i'm actually hard-working, dedicated and efficient. It's just my home life i'm not so good in!

Can anyone relate to anyone of these or have any of your own to share?

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