Do you ever find yourself fed up with going to the same place every year? Perhaps not fed up, but more ready for a change and ready to try something completely different. I know I sometimes do, so I thought I would compile a list of the 5 types of holiday I want to go on.

5 types of holiday I want to go on ski and chalet

Reasons to go on a cruise this summer

I've been on two cruises now and I want to go on another. I want to go all out and go on one of those huge massive ones with the shopping mall down the middle and slides, they look amazing! Here's the benefits and reasons why I think you should book a cruise this summer based on my past experience:

1. All you can eat

There are several places to eat on a cruise. You can go for the formal sit down meal with a choice of a couple of restaurants. Food and service is impeccable. Or you can opt to eat in the buffet, which is pretty much 24 hour. Very nearly. Food is offered not just for evening but most of the day too. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, burger and fries by the pool are all offered. Oh and you can also get room service. It depends which company you are with but on my one last year with P & O there was no charge for the majority of room service items. Sure, it's only a small section of food, but it's nothing to be sniffed at when you can't be bothered to get up and dress for breakfast or fancy a snack in your room after a hard day's exploring!

Upping the exercise game

Upping exercise running clubbercise fitbit
One of my runs last summer - I can't wait for the days be longer again!
I started placement a couple of weeks ago and i'm slowly getting used to those 6am alarms. I decided that this would be the time (the week, not 6am itself!) to up my exercise game. See, I don't know about you, but I find the time I am busiest is the time I can achieve more.

Since November i'd been running approximately twice a week but I wanted to up the exercise to four times a week. So last week i'd planned:

- a home workout
- a fitness class at the gym
- a run
- parkrun

I only managed the first two though because I injured my knee during the Bodyvive class. I have a funny knee anyway but this class turned out not to be the friendliest for my knee. So the rest of the week and weekend I was resting it. But weirdly I missed running. Who even am I?

This week I had planned:

- a swim to ease my knee back in
- a run
- parkrun

I didn't do any of these, instead switching to other options. I went to a Clubbercise class. I rather enjoyed this one and it was more low-impact than Bodyvive, and so putting less stress on my knee. I also managed a 4k run/walk this morning followed by a low-impact HIIT workout. So a bit different from what I had planned but I had to go with what I felt able to do.

I've still been hitting my 10k steps a day, which is maybe why my knee never quite feels right. I'm finding it hard to rest completely though as i'm rather addicted to my fitbit and feel lazy and restless not doing any form of exercise. I guess this is another healthy habit i'm creating!

This coming week i'll try to do a couple of the HIIT sessions, Clubbercise and hopefully a run.

Check back soon to see how the next week goes and do let me know in the comments what exercise you enjoy.
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