How to get all those odd jobs done

I moved into my flat over 18 months ago. It's a one bed flat that came unfurnished and decorated very plainly. When I say unfurnished, it didn't even have a fridge or a washing machine. But I couldn't find much else available in my time-frame and budget and to be honest it's not that bad, it could be a lot worse. Although it is a 45 minute walk into town, with a massive long hill to deal with (I'm talking the type where you have to take several breaks at the bus stops along the way) it's actually pretty quiet. I don't get much noise, apart from the neighbour (and I can't figure if upstairs or downstairs) watching TV in the middle of the night. It's also right next to a little station and the bus stop too. So it could be worse.

My issue is that 18 months on it still looks like i've just moved in. Some of it is down to me. I'm very unorganised, I have no ability to style a room and I have very little storage so all my belongings are just out there making it look very messy. But there are a few little things I can't do myself.

5 gadgets I want for the kitchen to help me eat better

Cooking for one can sometimes be a tiresome process and I often find myself being lazy and sticking to the same foods that are quick and easy to prepare. I need to change this up a little. I also make no secret of my aim for a healthier lifestyle, although in recent months i've found it difficult to maintain all elements of one. But some new kitchen equipment will help me kick start eating better again, mix up my meals and help introduce new foods into my diet. These 5 gadgets i've long wanted, although if I got them all, i'm not exactly sure where they'd all sit on my worktop!
5 kitchen gadgets to help eat better
Juicer - The fruit I normally eat are bananas and occasionally apples. It's not that I don't like apples but I just never seem to touch them and they can be sat in my fruit bowl for 2 months and I still won't have finished the packet! If I had a juicer by Panasonic however I could literally just throw one in and drink the juice and be done with it. I also don't eat oranges unless it's in a juice form so this would come in useful here too.

The daily commute

We all know about the woes of public transport. Have you ever heard someone say 'yes I really love my commute'? Probably not. I've had a lot of jobs over the years with various journeys to work, some excellent and some a little tedious. The ideal one was when it was only a 20 minute walk away. That was the best as not only was it free, but it was quick and it was exercise. The worst are probably the ones where I had to get a bus, then a train, meaning I ended up leaving the house about 2 hours before I actually started work. I've put to together a little list of  the bad things about using public transport to get to and from work:

Watching, Reading and What i'm Excited for!


American Ninja Warrior// Some of the courses in the US version are insane, they seem much tougher than the UK ones, not that I could complete in those either! I've been watching clips on YouTube, especially of Jessie Graff, she is amazing. Take a look here:Jessie Graff - American Ninja Warrior
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