The last post from my 20's

Hello. It's been nearly three months hasn't it? I'm writing on the last day of my twenties, because tomorrow I turn 30! More on that shortly, let me catch you up on the past few months.

I've attended many birthday celebrations of friends recently, we all have our birthdays within a four month window and with us all turning 30 we've done a bit more than the standard night out. We went to the national water sports centre in Nottingham for one. This was lovely place with all sorts of outdoor activities to partake in, we did the high ropes, crazy golf, segways and rafting. (On a side note, I do not like segways, mine tried to run me over). Another friend had a rainbow themed party and others had a bbq and a garden party. I've also completed another placement for uni and then finished for the summer. I've been on a little caravan holiday to Norfolk, which I enjoyed more than I expected. We definitely chose the right week and got brilliant weather, apart from a few epic thunderstorms. I'm currently working at my holiday job but apart from all that I think that's about it really.

Which brings us to today and tomorrow. We're going to go out for the day and then at the weekend i'm having a big bbq. I'm doing a 90's/tropical theme!

Whilst I don't think i've done much in my twenties is some areas of my life, in others I reckon i've done alright. I've graduated from uni with a history degree, spent a year in Australia, moved to Manchester with a friend, worked in France, Italy and Austria working ski and summer seasons, had various jobs including working in hotels, a university and various shops and i'm now two years into uni again studying a profession.

I don't know what to expect from the next decade but I want to continue caring less about others opinions, travel more (day and weekend trips) and in the words of Jenna Rink be 'thirty, flirty and thriving!' Cheers!



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