This Week of Mine #5

How are you all this week? I'm busy stressing about my outfit and hair for my brothers wedding next week. Why is it so complicated?! Here is my little round-up of last week:

Tuesday I traveled to Northampton for my interview taking place the next day and stayed with my sister who lives in halls. This has confirmed my decision to get my own place when I go back to uni in September. Even though it will mean getting a job, i've lived in 6 shared houses/flats up to now (not even including uni halls or with my family) and i've had enough of it!

This Week of Mine Lucky Charms
Managed to find these bad boys cheap in Northampton

I only did two workouts this week which were the PopSugar Fitness Dance Party Workout and The CafeMom Studios Workout both about 30 minutes long. Do not be fooled by the word 'Mom' in the title, it was a really tough workout, stamina wise. I really liked this one and will definitely do it again as I could do all the moves and I want to be able to do it without nearly collapsing!

I can't actually remember too much about last weeks Vampire Diaries, however I do remember it being awesome and happy that they can go into Mystic Falls again now. Even if it was at the expense of evil Kai absorbing all the magic!

The F1 was a bit of a shocker this week what with Vettel and Ferrari ending the Mercedes dominance. You could see the relief in everyone's faces and words. Though I do wonder how they all coped with the four year RedBull dominance?! I do wish my condolences this week to the spectator that lost their life at the VLN Endurance Championship in Nurburgring, Germany and wish those injured a speedy recovery.

I wore this for the first time this week, it's really comfortable, awesome for obvious reasons and I just love it!

This week of mine Hogwarts Harry Potter T Shirt

Maybe I will turn this into a regular spot on this post but I have another example like last week as to how you change with age. We had to get a new fridge/freezer on Saturday night so off we popped to Currys (Saturday night at Currys isn't even the sad part!). Walking through the huge store I saw a particular section and exclaimed 'OOO Hoovers!' in a genuinely excited voice. Dear oh dear!

Lastly from this week I have to mention how much I have appreciated King Richard III's reburial and the events of the week. I found it hugely fascinating and very surreal at many times. I will definitely be paying a visit this year to Leicester Cathedral. Did you watch this?

I am off these two weeks as it is the Easter holidays at work and I will be mostly trying to sort everything out for the wedding. I've got the dress and fascinator, but I need to get a jacket, shoes and bag. I don't know what to match to what though or how to have my hair or make-up! I'm sure it will all come together soon.

 But i'd love to know what you got up to last week and your plans this week? Let me know in the comments. 

I've linked my other weekly updates below if i've not bored you by now and you fancy a peek.

This week of mine #4

Last weekend started with watching Legally Blonde on Friday night after work. It was an amateur production but I really enjoyed it, I shall have to pay a visit to the West-End version if it is still running? The weekend and Mothers Day was spent with the family. My brother, sister and Nana came up and we paid a visit to our favourite Trentham.

Sunday was also the start of the F1 season. Hasn't it come round quick? It was crazy how few cars started and finished the race, in the end everyone apart from JB got points. Who'da thought that?! It was rather funny how upbeat JB was and that his only aim at the start of the race was to finish it! There has been a lot of hoo-ha in F1, both before the start of the season and in the past few days. Poor Giedo van der Garde was the casualty of the Sauber debacle and now the Mercedes dominance has sparked talk of equalising the field. Are we really going to punish a team for doing well??

Silverstone Grand Prix F1 2012 McLaran garage Lewis Hamilton Jenson Button Melbourne Australian 2015
Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button's garages at Silverstone 2012

Friday the eclipse happened.. It didn't go as dark as I thought it would and I could only tell it was happening when I borrowed some glasses. From just glancing at the sun you couldn't tell at all, but behind the glasses showed a completely different story!

Apart from the eclipse, the week itself has been rather quiet apart from work. I have been trying to introduce some exercise into my life though. Since changing jobs I have put on weight. I previously had to stand up all day and worked shifts - these were both great ways to lose weight or at least not put any on, without having to do anything. I'm looking to lose the few pounds (read stone) i've gained since I left,

There are so many workouts on YouTube and I checked out the PopSugar Fitness videos after a recommendation on Twitter. Yoga has always intrigued me due to its apparent calming properties so this I also looked at. This week I did:

  • A 25 minute workout
  • A 30 minutes workout  (these two were a mixture of PopSugar videos)
  • A couple of very short introductory yoga videos
  • A 30 minute swim.

My attic bedroom is not suited to the majority of exercises, as I found out in the first workout. So i've got to plan when the house is empty so I can use the lounge. Yoga was very difficult, I have no flexibility, no balance and no co-ordination. It will take a lot of practice!

I nearly forgot to mention I had HD Brows done on Friday. They were a little bit of shock to begin with but I like them now. I'm going to do a post on these as I know from experience when people are researching having them done, before and after pictures are great to see.

This weekend i've had a day-trip out on Saturday and a quiet day Sunday studying/mooching around/enjoying the start of spring.

The day-trip was a visit to a local animal centre for my friends 28th birthday. This is what you do when you get old folks! See my tweet:

The highlights were the cute rabbits and the meercats!

We then got to feed the lambs. There were about 40 of us all sat on bales of hay wearing cloaks that made us look like we were about to go into theatre. We fed the lambs milk and gave them cuddles, some were only a few days old and some were a lot bigger!

Check out those roots! ;)

I will be watching the start of Richard III's reburial tonight. It's on Channel 4 until 8pm if you want to watch. I think it is amazing we are able to see a king from over 500 years years ago being reburied! The actual reburial is on Thursday and is live on TV.

Plans for this week
  • I have another interview to attend, this time in Northampton
  • Carrying on with the exercise and trying to 'get' yoga (she says whilst scoffing a big bag of minstrels)

How has your week been? Is anyone else trying to do some exercise, if so what are you doing and any tips to help me?

4 Twitter accounts you should follow

We all follow a wide range of Twitter accounts and I have here four accounts that I can recommend to you for differing reasons:


The pictures on here are hilarious. You can't have failed to notice the increased trend in serving your food on slates and chopping boards? That's only the beginning! Apart from being unhygienic some of these photos show it can be a right inconvenience. Dessert served with cream on a rimless slate? That's just a disaster waiting to happen. Take a look at some of odd items customers have been served their food in.

Twitter accounts you should follow We Want Plates


This account posts Harry Potter jokes and pictures. Harry Potter speaks for himself, no more description necessary.

Twitter accounts you should follow Harry Potter
Twitter accounts you should follow Harry Potter Twitter accounts you should follow Harry Potter


Rebecca tweets so many good links to articles everyday on topics such as SEO, blog interaction, Twitter, and time management. Basically all things blog related. Obviously looking at my not-so-swanky blog, i'm not exactly in a position to take heed of said advice, but I do enjoying reading the articles and having the knowledge.

Twitter accounts you should follow Autumn Leaves Blog


Lastly, and in for nostalgic purposes, Myspace Tom. Only discovered today thanks to the #BeforeTwitterI tag that has been floating around. MyspaceTom even has his iconic Myspace photo.

Twitter accounts you should follow MySpace Tom

Are you going to be following any of these accounts? Do you have any you think I should be following?  

Last Question: Who still has the link to their Myspace? If so, send me it!

This week of mine #3 - Crufts, TVD and beautiful spring days

As i'm writing this i'm watching Dermot's Day of Dance for Comic Relief. Fair Play to the guy, 24 hours is a long time! Is anyone watching this?

Last weekend I was busy both days. Saturday we went to Crufts. It's been many years since I last went and I mustn't have gone on the Saturday last time because I couldn't believe how busy it was. I do not like crowds! I had to visit the Cavalier stand on Discover Dogs as I am going to get one one day. We've had a few in the past along with our two Rhodesian Ridgebacks who we used to show. It's been over a year that we've been dog less and I think I would like one again.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, my camera phone only produces good shots in natural light.

Heel work to music with Golden Retrievers.

How many dogs can you find here?

Sunday I was at a trade show with my Dad's shop.

Nothing spectacular went on during the working week, just one fine day of weather which was beautiful and my weekly indulgence of #TVD

I took these in my town park on my way home from work, I just wanted to capture that lovely day. Strange how the weather can be completely different the next day!

Time for my little #TVD talk from Wednesday night. It was so good to see these three beauts back together and road-tripping. It's been a few series since they have all been alive/in the same universe!

The episode introduced a new but integrated plot line, as I guess 'how can we save Bonnie' and 'When will Elena remember Damon?' can't be the only things going on all series. I definitely did not see the link between Kai, Jo, Liv and Luke coming!

What also made this episode though, was the coming together of characters. The episodes thus far have had such a different feel to them than previous seasons. Do you agree? I put this down to every episode being set outside of Mystic Falls and also to each character doing their own thing.

This episode brought most of the characters together again, hanging around together and on missions in their little groups. It started to feel like old times :)

So plans for the weekend?

Well Friday night I am seeing a production of Legally Blonde at the theatre in Wolverhampton with my friend. We live in the same town but haven't met up since Christmas - crazy!

Then Saturday we're going to Trentham (again, I know!) with my Nana and Sunday is the 

Melbourne Grand Prix! 

Yipee yay, 'i'm so excited and I just can't hide it!'

What did you think of this week's #TVD? Anyone excited for the F1 season beginning again?

This week of mine #1
This week of mine #2

This week of mine #2 - work, interviews and vampires

Interviews, work and the return of The Vampire Diaries this week.

Saturday I worked in my Dad's shop. Lesson learnt from that day was always ask for your fish in your fish and chips to be wrapped separately. The vinegar turns both it and the chips soggy!

On Sunday afternoon I traveled up to Huddersfield for my interview the next day. The journey took an hour longer because of signal failure, when we got to Piccadilly it was crazy, every single train was either delayed or cancelled! Eventually getting there, I stayed at the enemy hotel, Premier Inn. I have to admit, it was really nice. The ceiling was slanted, it had blinds and a really big bed!

Monday was the big day. My uni interview lasted all morning and some of the afternoon and it was a big relief when I finished. Uni's have changed loads since I last went. This one had an Amazon parcel locker inside the main building!

Before getting the train home I spent a short while exploring the town. I bought a Collection eye palette from Boots, but too be honest it's not that good. I wish I had waited until the next shop which sold purely cosmetics. It had LOADS of eye palettes including some W7 and Astor ones that I liked the colours of, but i'd only just bought one so :(

Wednesday saw the return of:

Image from Deviantart

Caroline reminded me of her old self, before she became a vampire, I think it was the way her hair was styled and that she was being rather whiny. But then her Mum had just been kidnapped so I guess that's ok!

Two parts that made me LOL were:

'My finger's were covered in blood and the touchscreen wouldn't work' by Enzo. Seems a vampire doesn't have every superpower going.

'She's got a thing for you mate.' Also from Enzo and SUPER awkward moment!

Two other points from that episode.

1. Liam can go do one, I don't like him.

2. When/if Bon-Bon does come back, everyone is going to be super weirded out by her and Damon's closeness.

Who else watches this? No spoilers please! ;)

Okay so I can stop talking like Caroline now.

The rest of this week has gone by in a blur. I can never remember what subject i've been working in each day but I do remember on Tuesday I was in a film lecture that I enjoyed. We viewed a home documentary on the barrier going up between Palestine and Israel followed by an explanation in using a big video filming camera. My bad short-term memory has made me forget the exact details but he talked about aperture, light and shutter speed, so as a camera dummy I listened intently.

Apparently it was world book day yesterday. Kids seem to dress up nowadays, but all I remember about it in my childhood was being given a voucher to use in a bookshop for money off a book. I did chuckle at how Myleene Klass dressed her children on the day. Have a peek here. She likes causing controversy at her kids school doesn't she?!

This weekend
I shall be visiting Crufts on Saturday and working at a trade show on Sunday.

How was your week been, were you excited for the return of TVD as well?

This week of mine

Bit of a blogger fail here. I thought this had posted a week ago but something went wrong. So this is last weeks. I shall publish this week we are in now on Monday.

Last Saturday we went up to Trentham Gardens (see post here) to buy fascinators for my brother's wedding that is very soon. There is a shop there that sells jewellery, handbags, scarfs and fascinators at reasonable prices. I tried on every colour and despite purple really suiting, I went with a much lighter colour. My dress is dark, as is my hair so I need something to lift the colour. Now just to find a jacket and shoes! Easier said than done though as I can't put things together to save my life!

Sunday we went for a walk across the marshes. They are across the road from our house and it's the first time i'd been there since Poppy died over a year ago. The picture below shows it in the summer. Right now it is muddy and flooded! If you ever go on the train line from Birmingham to Manchester you will have been through the marshes as the train lines runs straight through it.

I had a little trip out at work on Tuesday accompanying a student to an art gallery. Although I really liked some of the older pieces and even found some of the modern concepts intriguing, I really don't get art. Some pieces genuinely baffled me as to how they are called art and find themselves in a gallery!

I might have watched a couple of episodes of The Bill on Drama on Wednesday. Hands up who used to watch this? I used to be a massive fan back in the day, but remember when they changed the format of it? COMPLETELY ruined the show, turning it from the soap we loved to a crime drama no-one wanted. It's on everyday day at 11am on the Drama channel, if you fancy reminiscing. At the moment we're in 2003.

Wednesday night I really enjoyed watching The Brits. I know everyone says this, but Taylor Swift really does have the most gorgeous lipsticks. I wish her make-up artist would should show us what they use! Orlando Bloom and Lewis Hamilton were looking rather dapper, although the latters partnering with Ellie Goulding in presenting an award was a little awkward. As for Kayne West, I can only assume the organisers were so desperate to have him there they let him perform whatever he wanted, even if it did mean half of it was muted! He still managed to get upstaged by Madonna though. ;)

One thing I did take away from the night  (other than appreciating Paloma Faiths humbleness) was a new found appreciation for Ed Sheeran. I realise i'm in the minority, but I've never been a fan of his. However, the version of Bloodstream he performed that night? OH WOW. It was absolutely fantastic. I'm not going to rush out and buy his CD (yes I buy CDs still) but I may pay him a bit more attention than I used to.

I read Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan last year. The story line is very similar to Lucy Diamond's The Beach Cafe, but Colgan's book has much more going on in it and is better fleshed out.

The sequel Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery came out on Thursday and i'm a third of the way through already. I love this genre but i'm not very good at keeping up with upcoming and new releases so I actually only found out about it last week. How great is it that I only had to wait a week!

This weekend 

I'll be working in my Dad's shop on Saturday as he is at my brothers stag do and Sunday I shall be getting myself ready to go up to Huddersfield in the afternoon. I'm staying the night in preparation for a uni interview on Monday morning.

I've rather enjoyed remembering little bits from the week and recording them. As I don't write a diary this will be nice to look back on.

What have you been up to this week? Do you have a diary/update post like this? Leave the link below!
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