Learn about me: 10 random facts

I haven't done an 'about me', so here are a few facts to help get to know the face behind the blog.

1.       I used to be a real life ‘Chalet Girl’. Not at all as it makes out in the film, oh I wish!

2.       I prefer reading blog posts rather than vlogs.

3.       I have worked in seven different countries.

4.       I am 26 and I still don’t know what I want to do in life.

5.       I have a history degree.

6.       I don’t like cookie dough ice cream (I can hear your shock from here ;))

7.       I’m always copying my younger sister, who has better make-up and fashion sense than me.

8.       I never miss an episode of Emmerdale

9.       I am in love with One Republic’s Counting Stars.

10.   My favourite chocolate in Dairy Milk.


  1. You've worked in 6 different countries? Where did you work.

    I watch a couple vlogs, but prefer to read blogs. I really hate it when I'm reading a blog and they've added a video in because I'm usually listening to music or watching something will reading blogs, so it makes me angry to have to pause to watch. I'd much prefer to read it in a post and see photos!

    Corinne x

    1. Hey. I've worked in Australia, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, England and Wales. Out of the foreign countries there, Australia was the longest for a year and the others were a maximum of six months in each.
      Yeah that is good point about if you're listening to music. I think for me it takes longer to watch a 10 minute vlog than if they had blogged about it instead. x

  2. We have quite a few things in common! I also prefer reading blog posts (unless I'm cooking dinner, when I'll watch a video to keep me entertained!) I also love Counting Stars and Dairy Milk - good choices! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  3. I never miss an episode of Corination Street (blame my Fiance haha!) and I am also in love.. no, obsessed, with OneRepublic Counting Stars!

    I like reading posts like this, it is personal and in a way, it brings you closer to the blogging community.

    Welcome to the blogging world, i look forward to reading more of your blogs :)

    Much love,

    Lauren Nicole O'Hara


  4. I'm a new reader and I really love all your photos and your posts :) I would really appreciate it if you took a look at my blog and followed me too <3

    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  5. I've never even tried cookie dough ice cream! Haha great post :)


  6. Wow what an amazing experience working in 7 different countries! Do you plan to do more, or just seeing what happens? Can't beat a bit of Emmerdale (and Corrie)! Helen xx (www.littlehelsb.com)

    1. I do want to travel again in the future, but right now I want to live here and do normal things etc for a while. Thanks for reading Helen. :)

  7. Really lovely post. Always enjoy reading these posts, always great to know a bit about the person behind the blog! Exciting that you've working in different countries.


    1. Thank you Sophie for stopping by. I hope to share more soon, maybe even some photos . . who knows . . it's a hard at first I think! Amy x

  8. Hey, thanks for stopping by. A ski season is an awesome experience if you ever get the chance. Didn't find Ed Westwick though :( I hugely recommend travelling . . the only thing is it wrecks you after in that you can't settle anywhere! Amy x

  9. Good choice on the dairy milk Amy ;) Love your blog!

  10. I am also 2, 7 and 10! That's so cool that you were a chalet girl, although my only reference is that film. :P

    1. Glad i'm not the only one re number 10! x


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