Playing around with the tuck-in trend

I was browsing the popular posts section on Bloglovin recently and I came across one post all about the different ways to tuck in your shirt.

I didn't even know there were different ways but apparently you can tuck it all in, tuck half in, tuck one side in or this one which is 'on trend' at the moment, just tucking in a little bit in at the front. One of the comments made me laugh by saying they unintentionally achieve this look just by returning from the bathroom and not paying attention to rearranging their clothes lol.

Unfortunately I cannot find this post because I was on my phone otherwise it would be in the history somewhere. But it inspired me to have a mess around attempting the tucks with what I was wearing that day. I have been wearing this outfit a lot recently because it is really cool (temperature wise!) and comfortable in this hot weather.  I have never done any photo's like this before especially not ones of myself. There was a lot of timer setting and running away if the next door neighbour was walking past!

I like the no tuck below.

To show the one side tuck I will have to show you the picture online because I couldn't do it with that top. Reading Corinne's post I don't want to post the picture here so I will just link to it: One side tuck and it is the bottom picture. It  looks really good, though one of them does look like she just got dressed in a hurry!

Thanks for bearing with me on this post, as you can tell I have never done posy photo's before! What do you think . . will you be giving it some thought next time you wear a shirt/blouse?


  1. I never tuck my shirts in... I feel like I look weird lol I'm not very curvy so I like flowy shirts that give that illusion... If I tuck a shirt in I just feel uncomfortable.

    The last look is my favorite! And those nosy neighbors need to stay inside while we take outfit pics!! :P


  2. I always tuck my shirts in because I think it's a good way to make a outfit so much more interesting! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award lovely! :)

    Check the details out here:

    Elle x


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