Wilko’s make-up and toiletry bargains & their Real Technique dupes.

Wilko’s seem to be revamping their toiletry section at the moment meaning they are selling off old stock at a reduced price. I didn’t go too mad buying things I don’t need but I did pick up a Sweet vanilla and honey foam bath  and  a Fruity berry foam bath for 50p each. These both smell amazing and I can’t wait to try them in a bath finishing off my latest book. 

Their Montagne Jeunesse face masks were reduced to just 10p each so I bought four of these. I don’t think I have ever used one or if I have it was when I was about ten! I’m looking forward particularly to using the peel-off cucumber mask – it reminds me of peeling PVA glue off your hands in primary school! ;)

Now what I originally went in for was some Essence make-up. Unlike a certain other brand which was been littering everyone’s blogs with exposure and therefore I refuse to buy it, this brand’s presence has turned me the other way and I couldn’t wait to try some of it. I was really quite shocked at how many mascaras they sell, I reckon there must have been about twenty there which is just ridiculous!

I got I love extreme crazy volume mascara £2.80 which I *think* is the one I had read some reviews on and The last curler’ volume and curl mascara £3.30 which has some weird twirling lid to curl your lashes. I needed an eyeshadow base so I picked one up to try at £2.50, though upon opening it at home it appears to be coloured and does not blend in so I shall have to be careful with application. My last Essence purchase was a Long-lasting eye pencil in dark brown for £1.50.  It looks very much like an Avon glimmerstick.

All make-up is on 3 for 2 and because the other two stands they have are Rimmel and Collection (2000) I could have left spending a lot more but I resisted. I’m sure everyone shops in Wilko’s so if you are in the area then I recommend popping in sooner rather than later to see if you can pick up any bargains.

The second part of this post is a little surprising to me. Now as I said Wilko’s are revamping this section but I really didn’t expect to walk in today and see them selling Real Technique dupe make-up brushes. I say dupe, but having not tried them, I am simply referring to their style. I wanted to take a picture but the lady was stocking the shelves nearby so I didn’t want to get any weird looks. I’ve looked on their website but they don’t look quite the same as in-store behind their fancy perpex display. You can take a look here: Wilko's brushes I wonder what they are like, has anyone tried them yet?

So there is my Sunday love for Wilko’s . . not your typical shop to blog about I’m sure but I love to post a bargain and they are full of them.  If anyone has any Essence recommendations or has tried the brushes let me know!


  1. I love a bit of Wilko shopping, there are some amazing bargains to be had! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. There really is. For example their cotton wool pads, the square ones, are 50p compared to £1 elsewhere. Don't know what the quality is like mind! Amy x

  2. I drive past a Wilkos every day and never go in! New range, you say? Might need to pay a cheeky visit!

    Corinne x

  3. Ooh I may have to look in wilko!! I came from the #lbloggers chat by the way.
    www.emilybelleblogs.blogspot.com xx

  4. Great blog, I enjoyed reading it.


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