Saturday's woes

So Saturday started off well. I went to work in the morning and because we got everything done I went home early. I went into town in the afternoon for a mooch and picked up a few things including a ‘Charlotte’ coke bottle for my sister, a Rimmel brow pencil, Rimmel nail varnish, a chocolate cake from the farmers market in the town square and a naughty Australia and NZ magazine. I call it naughty because I used to get this before my year in Oz but I shouldn’t have a need for it now, but I just can’t help myself!

Australia & New Zealand magazine, Rimmel, Great British Cake Company

But town wasn’t that enjoyable. My contact lenses started to go all weird and either my make-up got in them or the heat was messing them up because they were clouding over and my sight was getting worse and worse until my vision was worse than if I didn’t have them in at all. Walked home thinking about the relief when I could take them out. But no, I had locked myself out. I had taken a smaller bag out with me and didn’t put my keys in. So I sat in the garden for an hour and a half. Had to take my lenses out and chuck them on the floor. Thankfully I had a little reading material and snacks, although having no utensils eating the cake was a little messy. ;)

Even decided to paint my nails except the nail varnish is RUBBISH. I haven’t used Rimmel varnish's for years but remember them being good. Not this one. Soooo streaky although it does dry in the said 60 seconds. So put a coat on over the top, but I had to use so much varnish and it is really thick. Do not like this at all. I like them where if you want to wear one coat you can do. Maybe I got a dud one?

 So yeah, that afternoon didn't go too well and I also remembered I forgot to go into Wilko’s to get an Essence mascara to try. L

Just one of those unlucky afternoons but hey, could have been worse! Can anyone recommend some other Essence pieces they have tried and liked please?


  1. I haven't tried Essence, however Collection 2000 does a mascara that in my opinion gives Benefit's one a run for their money! It's called 5 in 1 :)


    1. Thank you, I must try that. It is on 3 for 2 in Wilko's at the moment with all their cosmetics! Amy x


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