10 habits

Look at the photo. See? I'm holding my hands up. I know i've got faults and here are a few annoying things I do.

10 ten bad habits and annoying things I do

1. Being a thinker not a do-er.

I have all these fabulous ideas of things to do, routines that will change my life but I never do them. I think, read and absorb all the tips and advice on the internet but never put it into action or if I do it's only half-heartedly. Part of the problem is never writing these things down or if I do it's on a scrappy bit of paper or my notebook that I always forget about.

A trip to Skipton and the 'Bronte' town of Haworth

Back in February my sister came up to visit and stay with me. She goes to uni in Northampton, so it was a fair old trek to come up here on the train. We decided upon visiting Skipton for the day and calling in on Haworth on the way back.

Day trip to Skipton

Day trip to Skipton pie and mash shop

Skipton we discovered was a pretty castle market town full of team rooms and cafes - you'd need to spend a month there to visit them all I swear! We had lunch at the Pie Shop which I thoroughly recommend. Pie, chips and gravy all for around £7. The rest of our visit was spent aimlessly meandering up and down the streets and discovering a very cute shopping centre.

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