A trip to Skipton and the 'Bronte' town of Haworth

Back in February my sister came up to visit and stay with me. She goes to uni in Northampton, so it was a fair old trek to come up here on the train. We decided upon visiting Skipton for the day and calling in on Haworth on the way back.

Day trip to Skipton

Day trip to Skipton pie and mash shop

Skipton we discovered was a pretty castle market town full of team rooms and cafes - you'd need to spend a month there to visit them all I swear! We had lunch at the Pie Shop which I thoroughly recommend. Pie, chips and gravy all for around £7. The rest of our visit was spent aimlessly meandering up and down the streets and discovering a very cute shopping centre.

Day trip to Skipton shopping centre
Day trip to Skipton  shopping centre

Day trip to Skipton
How many boards does one pub need?!
Day trip to Skipton

Day trip to Skipton

On the way home we stopped at Haworth, home of the Bronte sisters. One of the features here was a steep cobbled street lined with cute shops and fantastic hilly views.

Haworth Bronte county country

Haworth Bronte county country

The way home was a little troubling. Both our phones had died on us and so I relied on my sense of ' I think this is the right direction'. I had a major panic though when stopping on a steep country lane to let a car pass. I couldn't move the car without rolling backwards. It was so embarrassing as there was a car right behind me. After eventually working out how to move forwards it started to get dark and we were in the middle of nowhere and I didn't know how to find my way. Luckily, as seems to be the case with many of these remote places, a main road isn't too far away and makes you instantly grateful for tarmac, signposts and two-way traffic!

Anyone else been to Skipton or Haworth? Where do you enjoy visiting in Yorkshire?

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