This week of mine #3 - Crufts, TVD and beautiful spring days

As i'm writing this i'm watching Dermot's Day of Dance for Comic Relief. Fair Play to the guy, 24 hours is a long time! Is anyone watching this?

Last weekend I was busy both days. Saturday we went to Crufts. It's been many years since I last went and I mustn't have gone on the Saturday last time because I couldn't believe how busy it was. I do not like crowds! I had to visit the Cavalier stand on Discover Dogs as I am going to get one one day. We've had a few in the past along with our two Rhodesian Ridgebacks who we used to show. It's been over a year that we've been dog less and I think I would like one again.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, my camera phone only produces good shots in natural light.

Heel work to music with Golden Retrievers.

How many dogs can you find here?

Sunday I was at a trade show with my Dad's shop.

Nothing spectacular went on during the working week, just one fine day of weather which was beautiful and my weekly indulgence of #TVD

I took these in my town park on my way home from work, I just wanted to capture that lovely day. Strange how the weather can be completely different the next day!

Time for my little #TVD talk from Wednesday night. It was so good to see these three beauts back together and road-tripping. It's been a few series since they have all been alive/in the same universe!

The episode introduced a new but integrated plot line, as I guess 'how can we save Bonnie' and 'When will Elena remember Damon?' can't be the only things going on all series. I definitely did not see the link between Kai, Jo, Liv and Luke coming!

What also made this episode though, was the coming together of characters. The episodes thus far have had such a different feel to them than previous seasons. Do you agree? I put this down to every episode being set outside of Mystic Falls and also to each character doing their own thing.

This episode brought most of the characters together again, hanging around together and on missions in their little groups. It started to feel like old times :)

So plans for the weekend?

Well Friday night I am seeing a production of Legally Blonde at the theatre in Wolverhampton with my friend. We live in the same town but haven't met up since Christmas - crazy!

Then Saturday we're going to Trentham (again, I know!) with my Nana and Sunday is the 

Melbourne Grand Prix! 

Yipee yay, 'i'm so excited and I just can't hide it!'

What did you think of this week's #TVD? Anyone excited for the F1 season beginning again?

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