4 Twitter accounts you should follow

We all follow a wide range of Twitter accounts and I have here four accounts that I can recommend to you for differing reasons:


The pictures on here are hilarious. You can't have failed to notice the increased trend in serving your food on slates and chopping boards? That's only the beginning! Apart from being unhygienic some of these photos show it can be a right inconvenience. Dessert served with cream on a rimless slate? That's just a disaster waiting to happen. Take a look at some of odd items customers have been served their food in.

Twitter accounts you should follow We Want Plates


This account posts Harry Potter jokes and pictures. Harry Potter speaks for himself, no more description necessary.

Twitter accounts you should follow Harry Potter
Twitter accounts you should follow Harry Potter Twitter accounts you should follow Harry Potter


Rebecca tweets so many good links to articles everyday on topics such as SEO, blog interaction, Twitter, and time management. Basically all things blog related. Obviously looking at my not-so-swanky blog, i'm not exactly in a position to take heed of said advice, but I do enjoying reading the articles and having the knowledge.

Twitter accounts you should follow Autumn Leaves Blog


Lastly, and in for nostalgic purposes, Myspace Tom. Only discovered today thanks to the #BeforeTwitterI tag that has been floating around. MyspaceTom even has his iconic Myspace photo.

Twitter accounts you should follow MySpace Tom

Are you going to be following any of these accounts? Do you have any you think I should be following?  

Last Question: Who still has the link to their Myspace? If so, send me it!

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