This week of mine #4

Last weekend started with watching Legally Blonde on Friday night after work. It was an amateur production but I really enjoyed it, I shall have to pay a visit to the West-End version if it is still running? The weekend and Mothers Day was spent with the family. My brother, sister and Nana came up and we paid a visit to our favourite Trentham.

Sunday was also the start of the F1 season. Hasn't it come round quick? It was crazy how few cars started and finished the race, in the end everyone apart from JB got points. Who'da thought that?! It was rather funny how upbeat JB was and that his only aim at the start of the race was to finish it! There has been a lot of hoo-ha in F1, both before the start of the season and in the past few days. Poor Giedo van der Garde was the casualty of the Sauber debacle and now the Mercedes dominance has sparked talk of equalising the field. Are we really going to punish a team for doing well??

Silverstone Grand Prix F1 2012 McLaran garage Lewis Hamilton Jenson Button Melbourne Australian 2015
Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button's garages at Silverstone 2012

Friday the eclipse happened.. It didn't go as dark as I thought it would and I could only tell it was happening when I borrowed some glasses. From just glancing at the sun you couldn't tell at all, but behind the glasses showed a completely different story!

Apart from the eclipse, the week itself has been rather quiet apart from work. I have been trying to introduce some exercise into my life though. Since changing jobs I have put on weight. I previously had to stand up all day and worked shifts - these were both great ways to lose weight or at least not put any on, without having to do anything. I'm looking to lose the few pounds (read stone) i've gained since I left,

There are so many workouts on YouTube and I checked out the PopSugar Fitness videos after a recommendation on Twitter. Yoga has always intrigued me due to its apparent calming properties so this I also looked at. This week I did:

  • A 25 minute workout
  • A 30 minutes workout  (these two were a mixture of PopSugar videos)
  • A couple of very short introductory yoga videos
  • A 30 minute swim.

My attic bedroom is not suited to the majority of exercises, as I found out in the first workout. So i've got to plan when the house is empty so I can use the lounge. Yoga was very difficult, I have no flexibility, no balance and no co-ordination. It will take a lot of practice!

I nearly forgot to mention I had HD Brows done on Friday. They were a little bit of shock to begin with but I like them now. I'm going to do a post on these as I know from experience when people are researching having them done, before and after pictures are great to see.

This weekend i've had a day-trip out on Saturday and a quiet day Sunday studying/mooching around/enjoying the start of spring.

The day-trip was a visit to a local animal centre for my friends 28th birthday. This is what you do when you get old folks! See my tweet:

The highlights were the cute rabbits and the meercats!

We then got to feed the lambs. There were about 40 of us all sat on bales of hay wearing cloaks that made us look like we were about to go into theatre. We fed the lambs milk and gave them cuddles, some were only a few days old and some were a lot bigger!

Check out those roots! ;)

I will be watching the start of Richard III's reburial tonight. It's on Channel 4 until 8pm if you want to watch. I think it is amazing we are able to see a king from over 500 years years ago being reburied! The actual reburial is on Thursday and is live on TV.

Plans for this week
  • I have another interview to attend, this time in Northampton
  • Carrying on with the exercise and trying to 'get' yoga (she says whilst scoffing a big bag of minstrels)

How has your week been? Is anyone else trying to do some exercise, if so what are you doing and any tips to help me?

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