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My laptop keyboard has weirdly started working again, so let's take advantage of that and write this before it stops again.

Healthy habits lifestyle changes

I've been 'losing weight' for nearly ten years now. I've never been on any actual diet but always gone for the exercise and healthy eating approach. Whilst this works, i've never been disciplined enough to maintain, hence why my weight is up and down like a yo-yo and I do good only to go and wreck it the next month. I'm currently back on the weight loss attempt train but what I realised the other day is that I have finally developed some healthy habits. You know how they say it needs to be a lifestyle change and not just a quick-fix? I've realised that there are a few things I now do no matter what part of the yo-yo i'm on. These are:

1. Porridge
I started eating porridge about 5 years ago but only when I was trying to lose weight. In the last year though it's become my breakfast staple no matter what. It's cheap, nutritious and really does put the hunger at bay better than any other cereal. Once you get the hang of the milk/water to porridge ratio it's also incredibly cheap if you buy the big bags compared to other cereal.

2. Portions
More veg and less carbs. I'm now filling my plate with more and different types of veg and cutting down on the potatoes slightly. I'm always going to be a massive potato fiend, but i'm scaling back a little and having a few less roasts or wedges.

3. Protein
It took me so long to realise this but protein is so important. It helps us feel fuller for longer and helps muscles grow and repair themselves after exercise. This is a really important one for me because I get hungry a lot which leads to horrible migraines. I'm working on lunches at the moment, as it's the one I find hardest to put lots of protein in.

So there are my 3 P's. The three habits that are now changes for life for me, whether i'm binging on Christmas chocolate or back on the weight loss wagon. I hope I can report more healthy habits in the future but I reckon for now that's a good start! I'm really interested to know what habits anyone else has though or ideas for filling lunches to take to work?

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