Fitness and Healthy Eating Update

Sat here writing with a glass of fizzy drink and a chocolate bar you'd be mistaken for thinking my fitness and healthy eating journey is non-existant. But that's not true, i'm getting there, slowly.

Last Year

Since being on a mission to complete my 10k steps a day a year ago i've done very well on the whole with that. There was a couple of months end of last year where I gave up but I was going through some unsettlement and wasn't really in the mood to do anything. But on the whole I really enjoy getting my steps in and completing with other fitbitters, it's certainly gets competitive!

Walk fitbit healthy eating fitness
Out on a walk


Since January I started trying to eat better: cutting down on the snacks, upping the water and cooking food from scratch using healthier versions. That went well but I wasn't losing any weight (probably due to the snack binges). I did feel more awake and energetic though.


In March though I joined the gym and tried a few classes, some of which went better than others:

  • Zumba - YES yes yes everyday, all day long, I love zumba.
  • Spinning - complete fail at the first class, but really enjoyed the next few times
  • Kettlebells - I loved kettlercise a few years ago but this was totally different, it was more like a circuit class and I hated it.

Since they upped the zumba classes to three times a week I ended up doing all three classes for a couple of weeks and was so excited for the next one. This gym though was at my hometown and i've since moved back to Yorkshire so i'm in the process of working out which classes to attend up here.


A couple of weeks ago I also decided to start the C25K (Coach to 5k) programme. This is a structured programme of running/walking that builds you up to be able to run a 5k at the end of the 8 weeks. I've downloaded an app and 3 x a week I really love popping my running shoes on and completing the next run. It consists of sections of running and walking and it is so much better for me than trying to just run flat out. The app tells you when to do each part so you don't even have to think just follow what she says in your ear. 

I've also bought Joe Wicks Lean in 15 and the Hairy Bikers dieters book. I'm not following the plan or anything but there are some lovely recipes in there. I'm still finding it hard to cut down on chocolate, always have cravings in the afternoon and in the evening, even if I am full, if I know I have it in then I want it. Same with crisps. I went to the shops in a bad mood the other day and bought a massive multi-pack. Did a little damage but I locked the rest of them in my car the next day to resist temptation!

Joe Wicks Lean in 15 Chicken and potato hash potatoe
Chicken potato hash
Joe Wicks lean in 15 oaty chicken with tomato and cheese
Oaty chicken with tomato and cheese

Adding in more exercise i've seen a slight change in my size and a few pounds off. I start placement again next week so i'm hoping being busy again and starting up some gym classes will leave me no time to snack and the weight will drop off a bit quicker.

I need to do some prep this weekend for my food next week as I don't want to be reaching for the snacks as soon as I walk in through the door!

The best ever chips - i'm not always good!

On the whole though since January I am eating better and moving more. Although I still snack way too much my meals are so much better. I take lunches in instead of buying, I eat porridge for breakfast instead of sugary cereal and my evening meals are prepared from scratch. It's a slow process but this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix diet thus why I try not to beat myself up for not doing everything perfectly.

What exercise do you enjoy doing? What are your weakness foods?

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