Hello, welcome to my very plain and simple blog. I aim to write a bit of everything here, whatever takes my fancy. I'm in my 20's and love travel, Aston Villa, chick lit and Formula 1. As you can see I have very limited skills when it comes to web design, the last time I studied ICT was at school nine years ago so please feel free to offer me some hints and tips or tell me when i'm doing something wrong! I hope writing this blog will be an education for me and will look better as I learn new things.

Bye for now! x

PS: Not ready to bear my full ugly mug yet but i'll leave you with this shot. Please don't try skiing like this!!


  1. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I'm fairly new to all this too, but it's great fun! Love the skiing pic :)

    Helen x (

  2. Hi Amy, thanks for your comments on my blog, and thanks for your follow :)

    I'm a relative newcomer also (3 months blogging) but am loving it and I wish you all the best!



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