The extent of my Halloween

I don't really do Halloween. We're not a Halloween household. I never went trick or treating as a kid and the furthest i've got to dressing up was at a Katy Perry concert three years ago on this night and I attempted to go as a pumpkin. It's just never been a big thing. I always thought it was more of an American thing, but it seems the world and his wife are excited for the occasion nowadays and have extensive plans. My love of vampires would actually be something i'd like to dress up as, should I wish to make the effort, Maybe next year I may succumb. For now though, I am content with doing nothing tomorrow (well i'm actually working tomorrow night anyway but still) and being oblivious to the occasion.

I tell a tiny lie.

I did decorate some cakes earlier on in the month, that although childish, I was very happy with!

I'll leave you with this snap of my sister and I from a couple of years ago. I'm not actually the one dressed up so you can't accuse me of getting into the spirit, but I may have have a little play with the Halloween effects on picmonkey lol. ;)  My sisters face I haven't altered at all!

Hope anyone going out has a great night. I'd love to see your costume pictures. It's all well and good seeing tutorials but I wanna see the full costume! Anyone avoiding the occasion like me?

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