Reasons to go on a cruise this summer

I've been on two cruises now and I want to go on another. I want to go all out and go on one of those huge massive ones with the shopping mall down the middle and slides, they look amazing! Here's the benefits and reasons why I think you should book a cruise this summer based on my past experience:

1. All you can eat

There are several places to eat on a cruise. You can go for the formal sit down meal with a choice of a couple of restaurants. Food and service is impeccable. Or you can opt to eat in the buffet, which is pretty much 24 hour. Very nearly. Food is offered not just for evening but most of the day too. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, burger and fries by the pool are all offered. Oh and you can also get room service. It depends which company you are with but on my one last year with P & O there was no charge for the majority of room service items. Sure, it's only a small section of food, but it's nothing to be sniffed at when you can't be bothered to get up and dress for breakfast or fancy a snack in your room after a hard day's exploring!

2. Wake up in a new place everyday

Ok so bar the day or two at sea (which is often totally needed after all the sight seeing) you get to wake up in brand new place every day. Sometimes of the same country, often totally different! You'd never get to hit all these towns/cities in one holiday any other way.

Reasons to go on a cruise the sights

3. Pretty spectacular sights

You tend to arrive at the new destination very early in the morning and if you're brave enough to stir at that time can be greeted with pretty darn good views. Leaving can be just as scenic. I remember last year leaving Venice at night and it was all lit up. Another amazing sight was sailing past an active volcano in near Sicily.

Reasons to go on a cruise Venice at night
Reasons to go on a cruise
Reasons to go on cruise

4. You can do as you please

If you're one of those who can't sit still on holiday, then great, you'll never be bored with a new city to suss out everyday. Prefer a slightly more chilled holiday? Then stay on board and catch some rays on the sun loungers. No one is forcing anyone to go out each day. It's always very quiet on ship when everyone else is out exploring the town, so it's a good chance to get the best positioned sunbed. 
When you have a day at sea it's every man for himself attempting to hold down a sun lounger! My tip here for a day at sea is to have a long lay in, do something inside in the morning and wait til the afternoon to grab a sun bed. People tend to slope off by this point and you'll have plenty to chose from.

5. Chocolate on your pillow 

Every night the maid comes round and turns down your bed. (Sounds proper posh that!) More importantly to me, they also leave a little chocolate on your bed. It may sound like a small thing, but I always looked forward to it at night!

6. Not as expensive as you'd think

I think both the cruises i've been on were under £700 each for a week. I don't think that is bad considering everything you get. This was for an inside cabin with no window. Start adding in a window or a balcony and that's when the prices rocket. But for the amount of time you're likely to be in your room you'll probably find an inside cabin perfectly sufficient.

7. The younger crowd

Cruises were and probably still are, associated with the older generation. But in recently years there have been more younger folk on board. I've noticed it and people i've spoke to on board have too. I think that's great, because cruises really are suitable for all ages and they cater to everyone's tastes.

So what do you think, have I persuaded you? Or maybe you've been on one before?

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