Do you ever find yourself fed up with going to the same place every year? Perhaps not fed up, but more ready for a change and ready to try something completely different. I know I sometimes do, so I thought I would compile a list of the 5 types of holiday I want to go on.

5 types of holiday I want to go on ski and chalet

1. A ski holiday

I may have spent two seasons working in the alps, but i've never been skiing as a guest. I also haven't been skiing at all for three years and I miss it. So you can see why i'm eager for a ski holiday. I just need to find someone to go with, that's the problem! I'd definitely go back to the two resorts I worked in in France and Austria, not just to reminisce but because they are both stunning.

One of the chalets in the company I worked for in La Rosiere

5 types of holiday I want to go on ski and chalet
One of the runs in Stuben, from when I worked in St Anton

2. A walking holiday

Have you ever wondered what becomes of ski resorts in the summer when the snow has melted? Well most of them look just as spectacular, just in a different way. I'd love to spend a week in somewhere like Mayrhofen or Kaprun enjoying the sunny outdoors walking and swimming in the lakes,

3. Holiday in the sun

A week away in a hot country in a hotel with a pool and a beach nearby sounds blissful. I haven't done this in a few years and I wouldn't be too fussed where, just as long as it had the sun, pool and beach. Just somewhere I can lay on a sunbed, read my book and cool off in the pool. I do like to explore and get and about too but i'm sure you understand, some days all you want is to relax and do nothing. One of my favourite destinations is Malta, we visited quite a few times when I was younger, but i'd like to go to new places too. Can anyone recommend somewhere with sun, sea and a bit of culture?

4. A weekend break

In this country or abroad, i'm not fussy. It always amazes me how much you can do in just two days and i'm forever seeing people on my timeline jetting off on the latest trendy city break. I'd actually love to start with a few places closer to home. Mind you I say that, but some of them likely take longer to get to than flying abroad! I'd love to visit Bath though. I love period drama's and the characters frequently visit Bath to 'take the waters'. Another area to visit for me, would be the counties of Oxfordshire and Buckinghshire to explore the cute villages and towns used in the filming of Midsomer Murders. I love that program!

5.  A villa holiday

What draws me to this type of holiday is how ideal it would be if there was a group of you. When you're on holiday with your friends or all your family you don't necessarily need the entertainment facilities of a hotel and you perhaps want a bit more room to spread out. A villa is perfect for this.

I've been looking at villas in the South of France and they cater for everything you would possibly need. They've big open terraces, BBQ facilities and most importantly a pool! There are quite a few in this region anywhere from on the coast to deep in the country. But what really appeals to me is that you can have the best of both worlds.You can stay in the idyllic rural countryside but still be only a day trip away from the beach or the city. I love how much culture there is to see too, from castles, vineyards and historic towns such as Avignon to the glamorous Nice and St Tropez. Their villas are in the Côte d'Azur region and Provence, just take a look at this two stunning ones i've picked for example.

Are you fancying any of these holidays this year? If you're after more inspiration, why not take a look at my 7 reasons to go on a cruise post?

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