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Eyebrows are a BIG thing in beauty right now. Some say if you do nothing else to your face at least do your brows. Earlier this year I decided it was time to try the process that all the celebs seem to have done, HD Brows.

The first time I did anything to the eyebrows was in 6th form and I had them waxed very thin, as was the trend 12 years ago!

Since then they've undergone some form of treatment every now and then. However, despite mine being dark and very thick I don't get them done enough or maintain them at home much. I'm just too lazy and forget about them. Most of the time I therefore sport pretty unrurly brows!

I've plucked, i've had them waxed and i've had them threaded. The problem is though that my eyebrows never look like the perfectly groomed ones I see on TV and magazines.

I wanted them defined with a clean shape and no gaps and the HD Brow process seemed to be that solution. It did used to be an exclusive treatment only done in select places but now everyone seems to be trained in the process. HD Brow's differ in that it combines all techniques together in one treatment. By using a mixture of plucking, waxing, threading and tinting it provides a shape that suits your face.


The treatment cost £25 (I believe beauticians are not allowed to offer it for any lower than this) and it lasted about 25 minutes. As a new customer to this process I would have appreciated a little more description from the lady as to what she was doing as she just got one with it but I am fairly happy as to the outcome. She tinted them first before getting to work on shaping my brow masterpiece.

When it was time to look in the mirror at the result I was a little shocked. The shape and colour looked very harsh but obviously I said thanks they are great as all polite English girls do. To be honest though it was mostly the shock of seeing the difference and the salon lighting that made them look a little drastic. Checking again outside they looked much better and remembering that she used pencil to fill in gaps and this is easily removed.

The only thing I would change is to have had a little more of a gap between the two eyebrows, they look far to close to me. However, as the tint wore off, it became less noticeable and I was able to hide the closeness a little.


HD Brows before and after picture
HD Brows before and after picture


Although your brows will be tinted in this process, tinting will not hide all the gaps you may have. It is still necessary to fill in any gaps as previously may have done.

Despite having had eyebrow palettes and pencils/wands for a long time i'd never used them much as they were the wrong shades and the brows were too undefined.

But after having HD Brows I bought Soap and Glory's Brow Archery in dark and it is the perfect colour. Very easy to use and looks natural. At least that's what my reflection tells me . .  who knows what it looks like to other people! I'm a little unsure as to it's lasting power though so I need to find some way to set the look. I've recently been using an eyebrow palette from ELF, which I like, except for the setting powder as it is very light!

For me, I needed them doing again after 3 weeks and even before then I was needing to do a little plucking. My brows are very thick and grow back fast so for most people they should last longer. The tint does wear off way before you need another treatment but that is fine, the shape is still there and you can fill them in yourself.

I had HD Brows done three times in total before I moved away from the area and decided to try a cheaper treatment as £25 is a lot to pay when they need doing as often as mine do.


Having your eyebrows waxed or threaded in a lot cheaper than HD Brows. For example my new local charges £7 for threading. You can even get threading for as little as £3 in some areas. I currently have a thread and tint done for approx £12 which I am fairly happy with. However to get the razor sharp lines like in the photos above and ideal shape then it is HD Brows you need to go for. At the moment I can't afford to keep spending that much on the treatment but I like to as a treat every so often.


  • Remember that your eyebrows may not look perfect straight away. It often takes a few treatments to get the shape right because you may have been plucking in the wrong places and these hairs need to grow back! I know for me the lady said one of my brows didn't have a proper tail, and not to pluck in that area.

  • If they look harsh then do not fret. They will look better away from the salon and you can always remove any pencil they have used.

  • If you find waxing, threading or plucking painful take a paracetamol half an hour before your appointment. Dare I say it, but it almost makes it enjoyable!

Have you had HD Brows done? How do you maintain your brows?

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