A Girls Best Friend - Lindsey Kelk - Recommended Recent Reads # 5 Book Review

I love Tess. She's essentially me. Does she go back to her successful advertising career or jump on the unknown journey to establishing herself as a photographer? Just swap the professions and this is my dilemma. She's even the same age. Is this fate telling me what to do? Maybe. But apart from this similarity, A Girls Best Friend is the third book in a brilliant series by Lindsey Kelk. Have a look here to read about how the series started.

In the last book Tess had been abruptly dumped by the rogue and not even her boyfriend, Nick. Five months have passed and the troubled Nick hasn't even been in touch. Tess is struggling with photographer life in London and the option to take up a partnership role in her best friend Charlie's new firm is looking extremely tempting. Oh and there's history with Charlie too. Of course.

Most of the book is actually set in New York and includes Christmas, a wedding, secret run in's with our lovable rogue and even appearances from Kelk's other books. For some reason I found it hard to get my head round these familiar character's popping up, probably because I wasn't expecting it!

I believe most fans are #teamnick shippers, myself included so I do wish he was featured a little more in this book. However this may be a little my fault. You see my kindle was having a few problems and halfway through this book I had to send it back to Amazon as they were sending me a replacement. Unfortunately I couldn't get hold of said replacement until I came home for Christmas so my reading of this book was a little disjointed. But i'll never object more passionate sexual tension fueled arguments between Tess and Nick!

Although I said Tess is me and in the same situation as myself, I also see a kindred spirit in her best friend Amy. My name is also Amy, just to confuse matters. Amy hops from job to job, bored and not knowing what to do. But when allowed to flourish and work hard for Al, you can see she's found her 'thing'. That is also me.

Talking of Al, i'm glad he found contentment in the concluding chapters. From being dragged out of fashion design retirement in the first few books he finally realised in this one where his heart lies. But i'm sure this won't be the last we see of him!

I love all the characters in this series, they are wildly different. From gay best friend Kekipi, to cool but wise Al and the pixi with an odd fashion sense in Amy. Here's hoping Lindsey Kelk has a book 4 planned!

The first book in this series About A Girl was actually the first in my Recommended Recent Reads series that I reviewed. I'd love to know if you've read any of these books, do let me know below.

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