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I've been trying to promote my blog more recently and one of the tweets i've been sending out is 'for real life, travel and lifestyle'. So i figured lets do a real life post. Most of my posts are this really, we have my struggling with uni post, reading a brilliant social media chick-lit and struggles going to the blog awards. That's life but specific parts of my life. But what's going on with me?

Real life autumn

Well today is Monday and I have them off uni. I spent this morning completing a formative (yeah I didn't know that one either, it's means practice) assessment. I don't know if these practice assessments are specific to my course only or whether everyone does them know but we didn't have them the first time I went to uni. Heck, we hardly even used the internet during our course, we never had powerpoint presentations! There is a so much help, feedback and guidance around now if you want to use it.

But apart from that, this afternoon i've been cleaning my tabs. It did resemble something like the below but having gone through them all its reduced to about 12. That's not much for me! I participated in my first lunch-time twitter chat and have been reading Jasmin Charlotte's improving your blog posts whilst listening to some Celtic music on YouTube.

Tab explosion too many tabs twitter chat

I don't plan on going out today, because WIND. (I should probably confirm that is outside wind, not my wind haha) I've hardly been out all weekend. In fact in the past three days (today included) i've been out once and that was only to get my poppy from the car. Yeah the weather's been atrocious but I don't feel like going out. I did FINALLY unpack my bedroom though on Saturday so I actually have floor space now but not done too much else. Watched some stuff, blogged some stuff, spent a whole heap of time on twitter.

I've been watching the Inbetweeners (the series) this week, i've seen it once before and it's just so laugh out loud funny! I'd never be able to watch it with the parents!! 'Frewwend!'

The Inbetweeners Friend

I'm thinking about doing Corinne's fitness challenge, though i've not actually read it yet but i'm told it's excellent. I'm definitely going to try harder with my eating. I've not eaten crisps in nearly two weeks. I've got enough food to keep me going until the end of the week but after I must really try hard not to buy much naughty stuff at the shops. If I have it in then I will eat it. End of. Like the pack of bourbons i'm scoffing right now.

Oh and something that's not been helping my productiveness of late is my getting up time. Unable to get up at a reasonable time that's me. I managed 9.30am this morning BUT that is the earliest i've been up sine I moved here (except for Wednesdays with my 9am lecture) and it was only because I had to do my formative assessment because the deadline was this lunch-time. Normally I struggle to rise before 11am and then there's a whole load of time wasting and before I know it is 2pm and nothing has happened.

But yesterday and today getting up between 9 - 10 has made be determined to change this. A bit earlier each day might work? Perhaps not as early as Sophie here. 5.30am is a time I know nothing of and never shall thank you very much.

Added to break up text - cos no-one wants to read an essay

The rest of this afternoon I shall read my book (A Girl's Best Friend - Lindsay Kelk), smash some of today's to-do list then settle for an evening with the soaps. A thrilling life I do indeed live.

Thank you to anyone who has read this far, leave me a little comment below to let me know you made it and i'd really appreciate a follow on twitter and bloglovin if you'd be so kind :) Have you been more productive than me this weekend?

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