The unseen account of going to the Bloggers Blog Awards

Bloggers blog wards 2015
I posted recently about my awesome day at the awards but I’d like to share a few tit-bits about the day that made me a bit wobbly.

Outfit issues – I bought a LOT of black skinny jeans to try on. Obviously the ones I didn’t pick will go back but the ones I decided to wear I thought were the best fitting. WRONG. They were a little loose when I tried them on. As in, if I lost any weight (HA) they would be unsuitable.  But they were the best of the bunch so I ripped of the tags and off I trundled. Stupid things kept falling down though and a lot of awkward jean yanking occurred in public. I managed to tuck my vest top into them which helped but they are definitely going to be altered!

Hair – The realisation that my hair needs a BIG chop. I wore it down to begin with and it looked alright before I left the flat. But it was quite warm there and my hair got bigger and bigger and irritating (its very thick) so up in a bun it went. But I think I look like a bit of a twat in the photos so I need to get it sorted so I can wear it better. I think posing at a better angle might have helped though!

Confidence – It was really nerve-racking at first turning up and seeing everyone squealing at each other in recognition and me like oo this is awkward. I did get stuck in though and just introduced myself (whether people liked it or not). I met the lovely Ana and pairing up really boosts oneself with trying to work the room. But yeah, it was pretty scary for a newbie! BUT I bet even those that I thought looked in their element had the nerves too. You never know what’s being that confidence. Remember that folks.

Do you face any issues when going to events or meeting people? I hear the nerves is a common one!

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