This Week of Mine #7 TVD/Hula-Hooping/Bournemouth

I lie slightly. This covers the past three weeks not one. Please forgive me. ;)

We've had the company of these two for the past 2 1/2 weeks whilst my brother was on honeymoon.

Once they had calmed down they were adorable with totally different personalities. The house is empty now without them!

We had the biggest show of the year last week at the ExCel Centre in London. We stayed over the night before but it was still a very long Saturday, rising at 5.30am and arriving back home at 10pm.

My choice of exercise this few weeks has been with a hula-hoop i've bought from Argos. I've always found hula-hooping really easy and I love doing it. I'd love to be able to learn tricks and even go to a class but it's not something that you see around a lot. I read an article on the Daily Mail about a lady who did it for 5 mins every morning and evening and lost inches off her waist. I'm doing it in bigger bursts between 15 and 45 minutes as I don't get to do it everyday due to circumstance and the bruises!

I'll let you know the results!

We took a trip to this huge garden centre with shops today. I'm been coming since I was a child, the park there was amazing, it was like a massive wooden fortress. Unfortunately they've ditched that now (probably some health and safety boring rule!) but the centre has expanded in other ways. I haven't been for a few years but they've now several shops including Lakeland and a really good farm shop (which wasn't too pretentious!)

Vampire Diaries
We've had a couple of cracking episodes recently. The first trying to save Bonnie from giving up. Evil turned sort of nice Kai I actually like and the drama trying to send them to the other side to stop Bonnie was proper edge of the seat stuff!

The next episode was incredibly sad. Sheriff Forbes was one of the only humans Damon respected, i'm glad both her and Caroline got a peaceful ending there. This overshadowed Jeremy's departure to what we thought was art school but to what was actually a life of vampire hunting. Tut tut naughty Alaric and Jeremy. We did have a new beginning in this episode though, that of the Steroline relationship. Their first kiss was visually and audibly stunning, set to the lovely Ella Henderson's - Yours.

Uni news
I had my final interview in Bournemouth just a few days after the wedding. It's a long way from the Midlands but I wished to visit and be interviewed nonetheless. After checking into the B&B we took a stroll into town and to the beach.

I really like this shot I got, I posted it on Facebook and someone thought it was LA! It certainly looks more exotic than the UK!

I live for the 2p slot machines in arcades!

The interview the next day went well and I was impressed by the course there. When it finished in the afternoon Charlotte and I went for a last walk along the beach before heading home. To get to the beach from the town you walk through the most beautiful landscaped gardens. They also have a rather unusual feature that you cannot fail to spot. 

What is this??

There is a hot air balloon situated in the park that you can take a ride in to take in the views. It doesn't fly off completely but does reach pretty high!

You can't tell from these pictures but the beach was packed as it was very warm!

Charlotte getting in my shot ;)
Time for home! I noticed on the way down that we drove past the New Forest, so found the easiest village to detour to from the main road and we ended up in Burley. The New Forest is famed for it's wild horses and ponies, we saw evidence of this ourself when this one meandered it's way through the centre!

Seeing as you have reached this far why not leave a comment below. What did you think about the Vampire Diaries? Have you ever been to Bournemouth?

I've linked my other weekly updates below if you fancy a peek.

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