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You might have seen mention in the past This Week of Mine posts such as here, here and here of several uni interviews I have attended. Bournemouth was my last one and I have now received all offers and rejections.

In September I shall be attending either Huddersfield or Bournemouth University. Both have offered me a place subject to the passing of the sociology course I am currently undertaking. 

It's a difficult decision, one is in the north and one the south. Huddersfield is much closer to me than Bournemouth and will be a LOT cheaper to live in. But I did quite like the course and cohort size at Bournemouth. Decisions will have to be made next month but if any of you guys have opinions on this, I would love to hear from you.

Now you may have read my post discussing University - The right thing? I still stand by that entirely. I already hold a history degree and I love studying it, however it has not led to anything. The jobs I have held in the 7 years since graduation have had nothing to do with the subject. The degree I shall be studying for in September is one that leads to a professional qualification that will allow me to get a job straight away in that field. I'm not posting the course here as i'm rather paranoid about someone searching for the specific uni and the course and ending up here. I would hate to have to sensor things because someone on the course or uni finds this! If you want to know though send me a tweet or email.

I'll leave you with a photo taken at Bangor University, from the pier looking onto the Menai Straits. I didn't have a huge selection of Bangor photos to choose from as I lost a lot of them when I changed computers.

As I said before if you have any comments regarding Bournemouth or Huddersfield I would love to hear them, if not then you know I love comments anyway!

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