The Wedding!

If you've read any of my This Week of Mine posts you will know it was my brother's wedding recently. I spent ages getting my outfit together, I don't know how it took so long to be honest.

A few things: 

- You will end up buying shoes from the first shop you went into, so if you like something then buy it, don't go and then spend 6 hours looking round further shops!

- Don't sweat it on the small stuff, no-one really looks that closely at you or cares that much what earrings or shoes you are wearing. 

- If you know certain sleeve styles don't suit you, then for goodness sake don't go and buy a dress for a wedding that will forever be on show on photos for years to come! I was going to edit my outfit photo to cut off my fat arms but that isn't actual real-life blogging now is it?

Anyway onto the day. My sister and I's desk in the hotel ended up crazy, look properly and it seems to read as if from a beauty bloggers essential buys handbook, oops!

The service was really lovely and they had VW campervans taking them to the reception, which was beach themed. You can see in the top photo and just look at the cake!

So different, really unique and totally scrumptious! 

I won't share any pics of other people (apart from my sister) because I wouldn't want to do that without asking but the bride's dress was lace, similar to Kate Middletons but short sleeved. It was totally amazing!

My dress was sleeveless, fitted on the top and flared out to just below the knee and even had a small net under meaning I could do the whole twirling and swishing thing! :D I wore a pair of cream open-toe slingbacks and the awesome fascinator you can see. My hair was curled and pinned to one side.

Something a bit different was the barn dance they had for the first half of the evening, it was very energetic! They also had a machine there that lets you take congratulatory photos and videos and a dressing up box by the side to go with it. That provided much entertainment. I'll wrap up by saying it was a lovely weekend and that I didn't get too many 'What about you?' questions (i'm the eldest you see). I'll leave you with a couple of silly photo's by of sister and I.

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