The Girl Online controversy

So I only heard about the whole controversy regarding Zoella's book, 'Girl Online', having been ghost-written a couple of hours ago. I've been trying to voice my opinion with others on twitter however 140 characters is not sufficient so here I am.

Now i've seen the deleted blog post from the apparent ghostwriter's blog, talking about a book she'd been asked to write in six weeks. Deleting it is is a little suspicious.
I also read a few tweets from a couple of people that said Zoella posted a picture of her with her ghostwriter a while back. So perhaps she has never denied it but I don't believe it has been widely known. It can't have been for the internet to have got so caught up in the story today.

I don't care if someone has their books ghost-written. Katie Price doesn't write her books. I've not read any of them but I still know that. Her fans still purchase.

I think it is the fact it was not disclosed more openly in the first instance.

The issue I have, is what Zoella and being a blogger stands for. In my opinion she is open, honest and natural. She talks about her anxiety openly and regularly goes without make-up in her vlogs. Blogs are also (though this in itself is a topic of regular debate recently) looked to for honest opinions and often favoured in the place of magazines. In my opinion, not being more upfront about the authorship of the book, is what I have a problem with and goes against who I see her as.

Maybe her management had a say in this, who knows. I'm not having a go at the girl, but perhaps       ' . . written in collaboration with . .'
would have been better for the front cover. I'm certain there would still have been just as many sales!

What is your opinion on this? Is it the same as mine?

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