A very brief trip: 4 hours in London

I've only visited London a handful of times so when I got the opportunity last weekend to go I jumped at it. My parents were working at a trade show in Reading with my Dad's shop so I caught a lift down with them Saturday morning. We left home very early at 4.30am and had a long day running the stall until the late afternoon. We were staying at a lovely hotel in Reading thanks to my discount for working with the hotel brand and we got to access the 'club lounge' for drinks and canapes before we went out for dinner. We've never had this before so we felt very posh!

I had quick walk into Reading town centre before dinner and managed to happen across loads of children teenagers getting pictures with Danny Mac and I *think* Carley Stenson who were there to help switch on the lights.

Tower of London Poppies

Back to get ready for dinner and a quick selfie in the bathroom mirror wearing my ebay leather jacket for the first time. (I actually bought it about 5 months ago but this was it's first outing). We went to a Chinese buffet which was delicious. The duck pancakes were AMAZING but I did overload myself on deserts and my Dad was shaking his head at my Mum and I as we almost had to roll ourselves out of the door!

I recently bought a bargain trio of Origin face masks from Boots and I brought the clay one with me to try that night. I didn't think it would come off that easily as I did leave it on a long time but surprisingly a wet flannel worked wonders.

The next day I left Mum and Dad at the show and I caught a train into London. Wow, the tube confuses me. I swear I always end up spending over £15 on it even though it should cap at the cost of a travelcard. When I have more time i'd love to do more by foot and bus but this was such a short visit I really didn't have the time to spend trying to figure that out.

I headed straight to the Tower of London. I knew they had started to dismantle the poppy exhibition but they had certainly got a move on. This was the view when I came out of the tube station! The front of the tower was still pretty much intact as you can see from my photo's.

Lets not forget the smaller parts of the display.

After working my way around the whole of the outside of the Tower, my next destination was to see Liberty and visit the Pixi store to purchase the famous 'Glow Tonic'. I hadn't seen Liberty before and to be honest, although it was all very upmarket I wasn't that impressed. I didn't however see all of the departments so I shall withhold full judgement!

Liberty London day trip

Look how big the Liberty advent calendar is! 

The Pixi store was located just off this street below. It was actually a very clinical looking shop. I''d expected it to be quite cosy with more products, but the sales assistant was lovely, taking an interest in my visit to London. On the way to the tube station I spotted Topshop so did a very quick lipstick swatch all over my hand and came out with two berry/purple lipsticks.

Carnaby Street Christmas

After that it was time to go back to Paddington via Kensington/Notting Hill. One of the things I wanted to do whilst in London was visit a 'posh' borough. I quickly walked up Kensington high street and had a quick peek in this Jamie Oliver shop below. What you can see is a cookery school/demo area where children and their parents had booked to learn how to cook together. I think they were making a chocolate cake.

Jamie Oliver Kensington London cookery lessons cooking

After that I meandered up some streets, wandering vaguley in the direction of the station. All the houses look like this there, it's all very Love Actually!

Notting Hill Kensington London

I was running out of time so I managed to hop on a bus to the train station. Turns out the buses aren't so hard to figure out. If they are all like that i'll be fine next time.

There were a couple more things on my list such as hiring a bike and visiting Hyde Park but I didn't have time. I had a great day though, even if the train back was rammed and I had to stand next to the door eating my Mcdonalds (classy). Next time must remember to reserve a seat!

Anywhere you think I should visit next time? I've hardly been anywhere in London so all suggestions welcome!

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