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I've got a favourite posts folder on my bookmarks and want to share some of these with you. I only started it last month and I often forget to use it so i'm sure i've read many other excellent posts.

There's life out there - From The Chronicles of Wasted Time this post made me remember LIFE. As in that thing we are trying to portray on our blogs. Your blog isn't going to fade away your readers abandon ship if you put down that laptop or phone and live a little.

My photo storage is a mess! - Does anyone else have *really* unorganized photo's on their computer? As in keeping every single one (including 50 photo's of that sunset you took) and only having half in folders? Read this post, you'll feel less guilty. :)

Some of best SEO tips you'll find - I love this post from Corinne. I've heard of SEO. I've read a few hints. I didn't have any idea how to implement them however. SEO instructions for dummys here!

Late 90s/early 00's child? - There are many of these lists floating around but most of this one applies to my childhood. Eraser pens were awesome and Arthur? My sister and I quote that program all the time. 'Hey . . DW . . . . .. !!'

A product I have been loving in the past week or so is my ELF eyebrow palette. I've only recently started filling in my eyebrows so am experimenting with different products. I have had this for years and had never used it until now. With very little effort it shades in gaps and makes mine look a little less untidy. Holds well and looks very natural.


Finally, to finish up my favourites, I have been LOVING Taylor Swift's new song 'Shake it Off'. I only really became acqainted with her last summer as our head chef was obsessed with her and her albums were on contant loop! Play this when you are in the kitchen and I guarantee you can't help but give a shake as you are cooking!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, whether you are working or otherwise. I am going to a Kylie/Beyonce tribute night at Trentham Gardens tonight (brrrrr cold!) and then doing a carboot tomorrow morning.

What are you up to this weekend, do you share any of these favourites? 

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