Skincare and Beauty haul

I'll be honest, these skincare and beauty bits are from a few weeks ago. I just don't post all that often and I thought it wise to get my birthday post up sooner rather than later as that is the sort of post that just can't wait! So i'm finally writing this one. These items I purchased last month, some based on repurchases, some based on recommendations and some just because they were cheap!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash and Aloe Calming Toner - The first I have seen mentioned on a lot of blogs and I used to like the tea tree facial wash from the body shop before they changed the formula. I use this a few times a week and I think it keeps things in check and my face refreshed. I am a bit confused as to its application though. I presume you use it like a wash but because it doesn't foam, it feels like it doesn't do anything. I am sure that is not the case, it is just because we are so used to everything foaming. I mostly use it with a flannel and wipe it off.
The toner is a repurchase. I liked it but wasn't wowed (though it is very hard to be wowed by a toner) so was going to try something else. But then I saw Caroline Hiron mention this and because I take most things she says as truth I bought it again lol.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser and Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum - Both of these I purchased on Ebay. My first ever serum had run out so after a recommendation I looked to purchase this. A lady was selling both this and the Trilogy cleanser. I wasn't looking to purchase the cleanser but you know it was half price and I could combine postage . . . I haven't used it yet but the serum i'm about a third of the way through. At first I liked it as the texture is just as I think a serum should be. But now . . .  I don't dislike it, I just think I prefer my first one which was from the Body Shop's Aloe Range.

Benefit Dream Screen and The Emu Oil Well Moisturising Eye Cream - Both bought from because I found a discount voucher (£10 off £25 I think). Although I have only used the dream screen once (it's factor 45, i'm saving it for special occasions . . namely when the sun comes out or I actually remember!) I did appreciate the silky finish it gave.

The emu oil eye cream I believe was just something I spotted and reading reviews I liked the look of. I use this at night because it is thicker than my other eye cream (Body Shop Aloe). A little goes a LONG way. I can't say I have noticed much difference at the moment but I like it and there is no way I am stopping using eye creams now.

Lastly is the Aussie Miracle Recharge Colour Lightweight Conditioning Spray - I dyed my hair red a few months ago and so have been using the shampoo and condition from the John Frieda red range. They are not very nice to be honest and leave my hair a little dank and lacklustre so I bought this spray to use in the place of the conditioner. Much better that the red conditioner. Does anyone have any recommendations for red hair products?

All the Rimmel products were bought from Poundland. We have Scandeleyes Eyeshadow, a soft kohl in brown and Scandeleyes Gel Eyeliner in dark blue. I am impressed with the kohl, namely because it draws so easily and doesn't drag. However I think that may be partly due to the hot weather when I was trying this. It did seem to melt all my eyeliners! The gel eyeliner is pretty awesome in blue. I find it really easy to apply.

Barry M and Seventeen Nail Varnish - I wanted a lilac and it was a toss-up between the Seventeen one I got called Lilac Love or a similar shade from Barry M. Probably should have chosen Barry M as I don't think this appliesvthe best. Still, I have had a LOT worse before. The Barry M ones I chose were Almond, which is a browny-nude and Berry I/C, a light purple.

Incase you like the almond one, the actual colour is what is on my little finger. My middle finger must have been in the shade. The lilac looks more blue in this picture but it is lilac I promise!

So that's a little roundup of some products I bought last month, I haven't bought that much this month, hardly anything actually. Have you got any of these products and how do you like them?


  1. That's one mighty haul! I have some scandal eye mascara that I want to try out soon!

    Corinne x

  2. Wow, thats a lot of new stuff! I love the Body Shop tea tree facewash, I use it all the time. Great haul :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  3. I love Aussie! It''s my favourite hair range. I dyed my hair red last year and SWORE by the Wella Color Recharge Conditioner.. I reviewed it here with before and after photos so feel free to delete my comment :)) xx


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