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I used to be glued to the screen of an evening. I'd watch all the soaps, films and Saturday night telly there was, but i've gradually found myself busier and busier, either with work or with wanting to fill my time with other activities. There are some programmes though that I continue to watch and to find time for.


As I said I used to watch every soap going but with less time, I only watch Emmerdale now. I just love the little village set in the Yorkshire countryside and although I moved to the county myself last year it's not exactly the same. It's crazy how in these soaps there can only be a handful of houses yet a busy thriving pub, village shop and so many scandalous story lines!

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of those to eat your tea with. You know when your dinners ready but there's nothing else on the telly at that time of the evening? You can pretty much guarantee this will be on and it doesn't even matter which episode or whether you're joining half-way through an episode. If you are as much of a fan as most people are then you will have seen every one before anyway. It's sort of the new Friends really isn't it? The number of series they have produced seems to indicate it's heading that way!


I've loved Motorsport since 2010 and I try to watch every race I can and have even been to the British GP a couple of times. I find it exciting and even a teeny bit glamourous. Many say it's boring or that all the rules and new technologies are reducing the competitiveness and natural instinct in the sport. But for me there are so many little parts that make up the race that it is never dull. From the car itself, to the team, engineers, practice, qualifying and even the drivers personalities there is always something going on and news to absorb. It's my absolute dream one day to get a pit lane/paddock pass, i'd be in my absolute element!

Euro 2016

As a football fan it's only natural i'm going to be watching the Euro's this summer. The first game we watched at my Aunties house and as we were round for a BBQ their lounge was rather packed, there must have been over 20 of us trying to watch! Thankfully they have a pretty big TV so everyone got a good view. When I say big I mean over 60 inches, it certainly made out TV at home look small in comparison! There are some similar sized TV's by Panasonic here: 4K TV Panasonic and the quality in these is supposed to be almost like having your own cinema at home!

I didn't get to watch the second match live due to work but I caught up as soon as I got home. It was a strange one for me as we have a little Welsh heritage in my family and so a part of me was hoping for a draw between the two teams! I've enjoyed seeing the other teams playing too and creating a few surprises in the results and cheering on the smaller sides especially the Irish and Welsh teams.

I'm looking forward to the last group stage game tomorrow night, are you going to be watching?

If you're not into the football, which I know not everyone is, i'd love to know what your favourite programmes to watch right now are?

This is a sponsored post but all words and opinions are my own.

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