Life lately - Placement, Roxy Ballroom and all the fun of the fair

I've been really busy recently - for me anyway. In May I started my first full-time placement and whilst I am enjoying it, it is tiring. I'm out the house for nearly 12 hours each day as there is quite a bit of travelling and i've discovered a hatred of Yorkshire roads. Not only are they super hilly but the the potholes and grids are destroying my car!

Apart from that it's hard to fit anything else in. I've been struggling to fit in my fitbit steps each day. I make sure I do do them, but it really eats into my time when I get home in the evening. I've started staying on after work and walking around the town for an hour to get them in. The traffic is also a little less by doing this too so it's a win-win. I'm also still trying to keep up with my C25K running that I mentioned here, although I've switched from outside to the gym. It's much easier on the treadmill so I fear I shall struggle when I get back outside. That wasn't the reason though for the change, it was because I needed the gym for other things too. I've been without lights and hot water in my flat for nearly 2 weeks now which is incredibly frustrating. I think i'm a bit of a pushover but i'm determined to change this from now on!

Placement and exercising has basically been my life for the past month, although I have had a few little days/evenings out.

Last Saturday myself and a couple of course mates visited the fun fair in the town park. I've not been to one in years and I can't see myself going again anytime soon. It made me feel so sick!! I was so surprised because i'm mostly fine at theme parks but it was the waltzers that did me in, they spun round so fast! I did really enjoy the dodgems though, they were very fun!

The other week I also went along to the opening of the new Roxy Ballroom in Huddersfield. There is one in Leeds and Liverpool and this was their newest venture. It had a really good vibe going on with great rock music playing. They have table tennis and pool tables for you to play on and I even spied a big game of beer pong going on as I left! Looking at the website, I see they have just opened mini-golf at their Leeds venue. Mini-golf at a bar is something I don't think you'll find anywhere else and can imagine playing that after a drink or two! Sampling some of the food the chicken burgers were delicious and the chips were really unique. You know the crisps McCoy's? They were exactly like them but in chip form, definitely worth a try! It was a very busy but lovely evening and all just around the corner from me!

Have you been to a Roxy Ball Room before? How do you cope when you're so busy with work? I'd love any tips you have with how to fit everything in!

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