Experiences from 3 months of blogging

So this is a teeny tiny amount of time to everyone else but for me continuing this blog for a month makes me happy. I'm rubbish at keeping at stuff but I am really enjoying my experience so far in the blogging community and making friends with people that share the same interests/thoughts as me. Because of twitter everything is so instant now and I have picked up lots of tips from there. I thought I would share a few things I have learnt so far and what I want to learn next.

People still use Gmail.
Do anyone of you remember the time you had be invited to get a Gmail email address? I do. If you had one you got a certain number of invitations to allows others to sign up. I think I even sold these on Ebay at one point . . seems crazy doesn't it? So I have had Gmail for years and years but it is full of junk-mail so I never look at it, the only thing I used it for was to sign into Youtube occasionally. Yet creating a blogger account means I use Gmail a lot now. I have a separate one just for my blog and is primarily used for receiving comment notifications, Bloglovin and Google Plus activity. So yeah, I thought no-one used Gmail anymore, but I was wrong!

I like Twitter (shhh . . )
You can't tell anyone this. Certainly not myself six months ago. Up until three months ago I didn't have a Twitter account. I could see how it could be useful and fun but why would I want another thing to get addicted to? I started comping in April (entering lots of competitions) and many of these were on Twitter so I reluctantly joined. I only used it for this though up until I started by blog just over a month ago and have discovered it's many advantages since. Promoting posts, connecting with blogging friends, joining in chats. I did have to ask someone though what the point of the 'favourite' function was though. I couldn't quite understand it but now know it is similar to Facebook's 'like' button.

It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed in a Twitter chat
I love Twittter chats. Not only do you get to listen to others advice and pick up product recommendations, everyone swaps links at the end. The first couple of chats I was there sending my link to everyone and clicking on everyone's link in return. This is what my screen looked like:

That was just half of it! Now I am a little more reserved in this respect. I'll give it out at the end of the chat but I don't send it to anyone that asks for links purely because i'll end up with 50 links in return to go though. Anyone that does check out my blog of course I return the favour and anyone that I have had a good conversation during the chat with.
It is also easy to get overwhelmed with the pace of chat. #bbloggers has a lot of participators and by the time you have read that page there are another 50 new tweets to read. I find #lbloggers #bloggersdoitbetter/#bdib and #socialbloggers a lot easier to keep up with.

What an awesome piece of internet! This little gem has showed me how many create beautiful photos on their blog. At the moment I mostly tend to just crop and add some text but there is so much on here from making collages, adding effects and borders to brightening and sharpening an image. I don't have any image editing software and never have so picmonkey is all I require at the moment. This is the first one I did and I was so proud lol.

For the future I wish to change my design and learn how to make colleges properly (I can never get the pictures to fit in it!). Design will take a long time though as it is not something I am good at and I have heard a few bad stories about designers.

I have loved meeting you all and thanks for reading my blog, if you have any tips for me I would love to hear them below.

Here's to the rest of my blogging journey!

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