DVD's i'm watching and those i'm waiting for

Downton Abbey, Breaking Dawn, The Vampire Diaires
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A mixture of dvds i've never seen and re-viewings of old favourites. I'm currently enjoying watching these great programs/films:

Gossip Girl - series 1

'XOXO' The only glimpse i've had of this was during my third year of university and it was on the TV in the kitchen/lounge whilst I was attempting to write my dissertation. As that was six years ago and the only twenty minutes of the program I have ever watched I was happy when I saw series 1 in CeX for only £2.50. It's second-hand, but who cares as long as it works! I'm on episode 3 so far and although I normally don't enjoy watching posh people being all rah! on tv, stuff actually happens. I'm not waiting five minutes whilst as awkward conversation tries to take place . . MIC! New York is also near, if not at, the top of my travel list.

The Vampire Diaries - series 1

#TVD With series six starting next month (please please let us know the UK starting date!) I thought I would watch series 1 again. Where it all began, where Elena was an innocent human knowing nothing about what was to come. A time when vampires were actually in the minority. I've owned this for four years but discovered something new last night. On the screen that lists the episodes there is a little scissor symbol which indicates there is unseen footage in this episode.

I only found out last that you have to click on this to show the footage.

I did wonder all the other times i've watched why I didn't notice anything new. DUH!

Oh and for any fans the CW just released a new trailer. It looks a very different feel to past series!

Downton Abbey- series 4

With the new series starting in a week i've realised i've yet to watch series 4 or the last two Christmas specials. In fact Matthew is still alive as far as I am concerned. I do have a legitimate reason for missing all this. ;) It came from Amazon yesterday so i've got less than a week to watch it all.

Breaking Dawn - part 2

Even though this is constantly on Channel 4 at the moment I keep missing it and it is the one i've seen the least. This came with Downton Abbey yesterday and I can't wait to watch it, though I should probably wait until i've caught up with DA and Homeland (below).

I'm waiting for . . . 

Homeland - series 3    

Late to the party, I was hooked watching series 1 and 2 last summer. It's a pain that series 3 is only out a few weeks before 4 starts. Why do that?

The Vampire Diaries - series 5

Despite being the weakest series so far of an other wise amazing program I still need this for my collection and to catch up on the few episodes I missed in the middle. Plus the deleted scenes mean more drool time over Stefan/Damon . .  ;)

The Originals  - Series 1

The spin-off from The Vampire Diaries this show surprised us all. Yes it contains our favourite twisted evilly-hot family from TVD, reclaiming their home-town of New Orleans, but to produce something of this high quality? That was not what we expected at all and I know everyone has been blown away by this show. I'm looking forward to re-watching this but on a proper TV screen rather than the tiny square I watched on my computer. Annoyingly this is being released even closer to the series 2 start date than Homeland.

So what about you, do watch any of these or want to know more about any of them?

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