29 reasons I feel old at 29.

Here's a confession. This post was originally titled '28 reasons that show i'm 28' because I started it nearly a year ago. But as it's took me all this time to actually finish and press publish i'm now a lovely year older. Yay. Although I did get to add 1 more reason to the list so there is that.

Blowing out my candles on my 27 + 2 birthday cake. 

So onto the list . . anyone identify with any?

1. You know exactly how much the petrol is in every station in town, in fact it's a talking point when it goes up or down.

2. You're wary about the new layout in Wilko's.

3. When having to shop in a new town you pine to be in your old Asda, it's comfy, familiar and you know where everything is

4. You wonder where the rest of the clothes are on that girl that just walked past you. Short shorts and a crop top barely covering her bra? ERRR?

5. Escape to the Country and Location, Location, Location? GIMMIE, GIMMIE.

6. You're rather good at guessing the house price on said programs.

7. This weeks special deal leaflet from Aldi and the Argos homeware sale catalogue is perfectly acceptable bath time reading.

8. Secretly enjoying Prima and Good Housekeeping.

9. Not caring if people think you're boring, i'm so past trying to change myself

10. Realising you don't have long to complete that epic 30 before 30 list. None of which you have started on.

11. You hate on the youngsters who cry at turning 22. Are you freaking kidding me? You're practically a baby.

12. Sleep - never enough sleep, wanting an early night always and never getting it and having a guilty feeling you never used to get when lying in.

13. Hankering onto the dial-up days

14. Being old enough to remember the time when your entire existence didn't revolve around the computer, mobile and unlimited TV and secretly wishing we could go back to that.

15. You feel there's something wrong with you because you're not married or have a baby.

16. You actually drink that pint of water you're supposed to drink after a night out. The effects the next day are totally worth it by the way.

17. Though said nights out are far and few between.

18. When on your first night out in several x 10 months you actually go out two nights in a row and your body rewards you with a stinking cold. In summer.

19. To be honest though, it's mostly about the food these days. When, what, how much, when, what? You get the picture. Food = yum.

20. Bridget Jones. You are her.

21. Trying to find the perfect candle/plug-in/scent that smells of apple/spice/cinnamon/mulled wine is the aim of every shopping trip.

22. Staying at your sisters and not understand how it's nearly 12am and her housemates STILL haven't gone out yet.

23. You get angry and frustrated because younger people don't know who Adam Rickitt is.

24. You own anti-aging eye cream.

25. The only reason you are excited for your birthday next year ie. the 'big' one is so that you can throw a 90's party.

26. You realise you are of that awkward age of knowing something about computers, as in how to turn them on, type a few words and that chrome is better than IE but nothing about photoshop/hmtl or basically any of the IT than younger people seem to know about now and that would be pretty useful to know.

27. Leaving school and starting uni was 10 years ago . . actually make that 11 by the time I publish this.

28. Watching the England game last night and remembering Euro 96 and THAT moment and the footy songs that followed

29. You feel in a sort of limbo. Am I in my 20s? Yes but I don't feel connected to other twenty-somethings. Am I old? Not really, but all the talk of the approaching significant birthday makes me feel it.

So there you go. 29 reasons that show my age and how I feel.

I have however just found this link telling me all the reasons i'm not old and that this age is actually fantastic. So go have a read of this if you're feeling like me.

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