#10000STEPS update - feeling fit and healthy!

What do epsom salts, coconut oil and essential oils have to do with this post? It's all part of my feeling and looking better. You know how you always look slimmer when you've just woken? Well a couple of cups of the salts in the bath the night before helps with this! Putting coconut oil in as well is just my lazy way of moisturising and i'm hoping the eucalyptus in it with help my hay fever.

Anyway onto the actual post. I've been on this path for two weeks and everyday i've been attempting 10,000 steps in a bid to get healthier and lose weight. Have a look here to see my initial post on the challenge. It's really surprising how little I do on a normal working day without effort. About 4,000 steps and when you consider that anything under 5,000 is classed as sedentary, it's a little worrying.

I've been out for walks at lunch-time but my main way of reaching the target is by going on a 50 minute walk in the evening on the marshes where I live. I don't live on the marsh itself, it's across the road ;) I've also started walking to and/or from work. It's 2.5 miles each way so walking there and back reaches the magic number in itself.

I get to meet the cow on my walks

I'm really loving doing this and there has only been three days i've not managed to reach the target. I am eating better and have cut out a lot of the snacking I used to do, but i'm not restricting myself or classing anything as a no-go. I've lost 2lbs in these 2 weeks, which I am well happy with. All from walking. I can't be bothered with this running malarkey, too much like hard work, but walking is no effort at all!

I'll do another update in a few weeks where I hope I will be just as positive as now. In the meantime i'd love to hear if you're partaking in any similar challenges and how you're getting on?

Amy x

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