Where this girl's been at

Where this girl's been at

So no apologising for being absent here. No-one cares. That isn't a desperate plea for everyone to flood me with comments stating the opposite but the simple truth. It really bugs me when people apologise profusely for being absent for a whole two hours (slight exaggeration). No-one notices. Or if they do they probably just think you've gone and got yourself one of those 'lives' that we've heard about.

I'm going to explain my absence though because it's 'life' stuff and I don't know about you but I LOVE hearing about bloggers real lives.

At the end of last year I changed jobs. I left my shift work and started a new role as a academic support worker (note-taker) at a university near me. It isn't regular hours, however I now get weekends off. Hurrah! Fear not, I shall not turn into one of those 'oh thank goodness it's the weekend!' type person. I know how much shift workers want to hit them on the head! ;) But it is nice to be able to plan stuff. Of which i've done none of yet. But hey ho, it's there if I want to.

At the same time I was applying for jobs (which takes forever by the way, thanks to every company wanting your employment history in a completely different way!) I was having a little soul-search into my future. At 27, I really ought to be getting a clue. Anyhow, i've decided on a plan of action and that involves me returning to uni for three years. So I then had the task of going through the UCAS application process and getting an on the deadline day application in. It really is so much easier to do these things when you're in 6th form than ten years after you've left.

I've had one interview for uni and have two more soon. Hopefully one of these will see through my bumbling and apparent lack of anything and see i'm actually a good, hard-working student. I just find it difficult being put on the spot at interviews.

As evidence of recent study is a requirement and because the last time I did any study was 6/7 years ago when I graduated, I'm studying for a diploma in Sociology via distance-learning. I started this last month and hope to complete it by June.

I also went on a little holiday in January - see here, a cruise around the Canary Islands.  I forgot to mention on that post that the travel blogger This Girl Loves was on the same boat. We were in the same jeep for the Morocco trip, so I hope she does a post on it, as her photo's would have come out way better than mine.

Hmm what else? Well I thoroughly enjoyed enjoy #EELIVE last week. I believe joining in on Twitter enhanced the experience and I loved the jokes the cast shared about #HOWSADAM

Oh and I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. My first tablet and flippin' amazing it is! May be spending too much time on there and none on my actual laptop!

So with job changing/uni applying/studying/holidaying/discovering the beauty of a tablet I just couldn't spend the time on here. Yes I know I hardly ever post as it is and although typing a post doesn't take that long, I find the whole making it pretty/promoting/twitter chattering/statistic viewing/reading/commenting too much. I just lose time seemingly achieving nothing and I needed to concentrate on my future for a little while. I also seem to have loads of ideas and write the posts . .  but only in my head and at 1am in the morning when i'm about to sleep, which isn't very helpful!

So that's my past few months, please send a little luck my way for my interviews! 

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